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Fitting Curtains

Whether you're looking to hang short length, full length, patterned or black-out curtains, hanging them properly can really make a huge difference to the look of a room. Here, we'll take you through the process of hanging a curtain rail, curtain pole and getting those curtains hung as easily as possible.


What You Need

To fit your curtains, you will need:

•    Either a curtain rail or pole - note that this is not supplied
•    Pair of appropriately sized curtains, to fit your choice of curtain rail or pole
•    A drill
•    A screwdriver
•    Metal tape measure
•    Appropriate screws and plugs
•    Curtain rings or hooks, appropriate to your pole or rail
•    A sturdy step ladder

What to Do

Fitting a curtain pole

Step one: Assign the pole's location
Carefully, take your curtain pole and hold it above the window where you want your curtains to hang. Mark where the fittings need to affix to the wall.

Step two: Drill the holes
Going by the marks you've just made, drill the required amount of holes for your curtain pole to be screwed to later. If needed, you can use plastic plugs to lessen the diameter of the drilled hole - this makes the screws sit tighter in the wall, making your curtain pole more secure. 

Step three: Screw the pole's support to the wall
Hold the part that supports the pole against the wall, lined up with the holes you've drilled, and affix the two with the relevant screws. Your curtain pole is now affixed and ready to use!

Fitting a curtain rail

Step one: Check where you want the rail to sit
Carefully, support the curtain rail above the window so you can see where you'd like your curtains to hang. Ensure that the overhang distance above the edge of the window is symmetrical, else the curtains could look a little amateur when open during the day.

Step two: Fix the rail to the wall
Firstly, remove all the hooks from the rail, and place them with your curtains. With a drill, affix the rail to the wall with the appropriate fixtures, ensuring that the rail is level as you do so.

Step three: Add the hooks to the curtains
If designed for a curtain rail, your curtains will have lots of threads at the top. Weave in the hooks at the same height the entire way across, allowing for an equal amount of hooks on each curtain.

Fitting Pencil Pleat Curtains

Step one: Measure your window
Though you will have done this in the ordering stage, the first thing you need to do when looking to hand your pencil pleat curtain is make sure that measure the total distance that needs to be covered by each curtain, and add 75mm to allow for overlap and spring back.

Step two: Fitting pencil pleat curtains 
Be sure to check the tape cords are securely attached to each end, before easing the cords free - one form the right side of one curtain, and one from the left curtain. 

Remember to always ease the cords away from any half widths in your curtains, so that the join falls away from the centre of the window. This provides a much neater finish.

Hang the eased cords out over a secure, protruding object like a door handle, and draw the heading tape back along the cords creating pleats as you go. 

Step three: Arrange the pleats
Once you've drawn the tape back to the correct width, you can focus on arranging the curtain fabric to form pleats. Be sure to tie the cords loosely when you're done, but do not cut them. You may need to rearrange them at a later date, and you won't have the cord length to do so if you cut them.

Step four: Add the hooks and hang
Insert the hooks approximately 75mm to 100mm apart, using the hooks that would have been supplied with your rail or track. Select the best pocket on the multi-pocket tape, to achieve the required hanging position. Once done, simply hang - and your curtains are ready to use!

Fitting triple pinch pleat curtains


Step one: Insert the hooks and hang
As our triple pinch pleat curtains are delivered ready to hang, all you need to do is attach the hooks that came with your curtain pole or track. Firstly, calculate the first pin hook height on the buckram strip to achieve your desired hanging position and then insert the remaining hooks at the same height. Then simply hang the curtains on the pole or track. Finally neatly arrange the pleats into neat uniform folds. 

Fitting eyelet heading curtains

Step one: Hang the curtains
As our eyelet curtains arrive ready to hang, all you need to do is feed the eyelet onto your curtain pole! Be sure to arrange the fabric into neat folds while hanging for a finished look.

TIP: All curtains will need time to settle and look their best. To help in this process we recommend you take some time to arrange your curtains into neat, even fullness folds for the first few days. Eventually you will build a 'memory' into the fabric and the curtains will hold their look.


If you still have some questions about how to fit your curtains why not give our friendly customer Services team a ring on 03702187042