Which blinds are easiest to clean?

While we have written cleaning guides specifically for different blind types, we understand that the choice behind your new blind might be driven on upkeep rather than cosmetic reasons.  Rooms or areas that get a lot of traffic, such as public areas like schools or hospitals require easy to clean surfaces.  As those areas will attract a lot of dirt and dust, easy-clean and micro-resistant fabrics are ideal. 
For general cleaning dos and don’ts, we advise:
  • Always use clean cloth to wipe and clean your blinds.
  • Avoid using cleaning products and detergent where possible to avoid damaging fabric and operating mechanism of your blinds.
  • Avoid using oil or lubricating any part of your blind to prevent damage of your blind’s operating mechanism or the fabric.
We’ve also broken down the different blind types with their pros and cons.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds offer the most versatile of fabric options, from waterproof and flame-resistant PVC fabrics to anti-bacterial fabrics ideal for keeping public areas germ-free.  These fabrics come in a wide array of colours and pattern styles, perfect for ensuring that practicality does not have to be boring.

If your choice is a PVC blackout blind, these can be easily wiped and rinsed down.  For other fabrics we advise to wipe clean with a damp cloth, avoiding use of abrasive detergents which could damage the material.

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Vertical Blinds

Just like with roller blinds, vertical blinds offer many fabric options.  From PVC Blackout fabrics to light-filtering and anti-allergy fabrics, perfect for the home.  Vertical blinds as they can be tilted, reduce the amount of dust build-up just from being used, a great low-maintenance option. 

Just like with roller blinds, PVC is the easiest option to be kept clean, otherwise wipe down with a damp cloth with no detergents.  If the fabric is far too dirty then the headrail can be kept in place and reused, whilst the slats themselves are swapped for a brand-new set, making an update to the window quick, affordable and easy.

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Metal Venetian Blinds

Aluminium venetians require very little upkeep, a feather duster needs to be run along the slats every few months.  If the blind is tilted enough this will help keep dust accumulation to a minimum. These easy-clean factors and wide array of colours make venetian blinds a popular and affordable choice for home owners.

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Faux Wooden Blinds

Faux wooden blinds are the newest addition to the wooden blind’s family. Both waterproof and flame-retardant slats in a wide array of sleek designs and gorgeous colours, makes these blinds highly popular.  A sustainable option, unlike real wooden blinds that risk expansion, these blinds can be wiped with a damp cloth, and otherwise dusted to ensure a clean finish.  As always with slated blinds, operating the blind regularly will ensure a reduction in dust build up.  This makes faux wood blinds a stylish and modern choice for home owners and eagle-eyed designers.

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Faux Wooden Shutters

Like wooden blinds, shutters offer optimum light and privacy control.  Available in waterproof faux wood, shutters have been rising in popularity in the last decade, especially with newer sustainable options.  To keep clean, ensure the blind is regularly operated to reduce dust build-up, dust with a feather duster every few months and for a deep clean, wipe down the slats with a damp cloth.

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Roman Blinds and Curtains

Because these blinds use soft fabrics and feature folds in the design, these blinds can be the trickiest to keep clean.  We would recommend regularly operating the blinds to ensure any dust accumulation is kept to a minimum level.  Other than that, a vacuum, with a special attachment, of the fabric does wonders.  If there are any stains or maybe its just one of those deep clean weeks – We would recommend dry cleaning by a reputable company. 

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