How to Measure for Blinds

Unlike  off the shelf ready made blinds, ALL our blinds are made to measure, to fit your windows perfectly!  Click<Made to measure or ready made> to see more on this topic.

Simply follow our guides below to ensure you order correctly.

When measuring for your new blinds, you'll need to decide whether they're going to be a recess  or exact  fit. Here we break down how to measure for each type of blind, so you can find the best fit for your window space.

Recess blinds are designed to fit snugly within the window opening itself, while exact blinds generally sit outside the window recess, overlapping slightly on either side. Measuring for exact blinds will ensure a neat fit that minimises the amount of light escaping around the sides of the blind.

It's important that you factor in any obstructions as you measure – keep an eye on any handles or design features on your window that may affect the way your blind will hang. Don't forget, we're here to ensure that your blind will be made to measure, equalling that perfect fit. If you've any questions, be sure to get in touch! 

What You Need

•    Metal tape measure
•    Paper and pencil


Measuring for recess blinds

Step one: Measure the width
Lining your tape measure up as carefully and steadily as possible, measure the distance from left to right within the walls of your recess. Repeat in three different places, including the top of your recess, to ensure accuracy, and make a note of the shortest length. This is your recess width.

Step two: Measure the length
Calculate the distance between the top and bottom of your window recess by measuring in three different places, recording the shortest measurement taken. This is known as the recess drop measurement, which along with the width measurement you provide us with, are your recess sizes. 

When you select 'RECESS' whilst ordering , We will slightly decrease your recess sizes to ensure your blind fits perfectly between the opening, so there's no need for you to make any additional deductions to your measurements - we do it for you. 
The clearance allowances we deduct are as follows:
Type Width Drop
15 & 25mm Venetian 13mm 6mm
35 & 50mm Venetian 13mm 12mm
Wooden Venetian 13mm Max 12mm above sill
Vertical Blinds* 6mm 13mm
Roller Blinds** 4mm N/A
Panel Blinds 10mm 15mm
Roman Blinds 10mm 0mm
Vertical Slats Only N/A N/A
Pleated Freehanging & Skylight 10mm 0mm

*Vanes only are 50mm less overall than a recessed drop and 37mm less than an exact/blind-size drop.
** Overall from wall to cloth there is a total gap of 34MM.

Supplied finished blind sizes will be within the British Standard EN13120 for manufacturing tolerances.

Measuring for exact fit blinds

Step one: Measure the width
EXACT size simply means the maximum overall sizes of the finished blind, including brackets, rails etc.

Simply measure the full width you require the blind to cover, allowing for the overlap past your window opening on each side. We recommend that you measure approximately 6.5cm extra on each side, and bear in mind that the further past the window opening you measure, the better the light exclusion will be when you fit your exact blind.

Note: When measuring for roller blinds, the exact width refers to the overall bracket to bracket size. The cloth or fabric width will be 3cm narrower than the exact width (which includes the brackets). 

If you prefer, there is also a roller blind-only option to order ‘cloth width’, but remember that you must have the space to fit your brackets, which will add 3cm to your cloth size.

Step two: Measure the drop
Simply measure the full drop you require the blind to measure overall, including the top fittings and the required overlap (10cm) both above and below your window opening. Remember to allow for any obstructions such as radiators!

You've now measured your exact blind size including your allowances, and you're ready to order your made to measure blind!  Please remember to select ‘EXACT’ when completing your order .

Measuring vertical slats only

When measuring for vertical slats only (NOT when ordering a full blind), please make sure that the drop for the slats is the fabric only hem to hem length, and does not include the track. If you're replacing a vertical slat, measure an existing one from hem to hem to establish your slat drop.  We recommend removing the bottom pocket weight before measuring for accuracy.


These blinds differ from standard blinds as they require no drilling or screwing when fitting and the blinds fit onto UPvc window frames directly, one blind per pane of glass. Specific measuring instructions for Perfect Fit can be found by clicking here .


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