Measuring for Tier-on-Tier Shutters

Your new Tier-On-Tier shutters will fit perfectly if you follow our simple step-by-step measuring instructions.

Important Notes

Important Information

Inspect openings for any obstructions such as window furniture, inward opening doors or existing architrave etc. Shutter style, frame choice and blade size all have implications on how the shutter is installed.

*Please note that these measurements instructions are not suitable for bay windows



L Frames and Z Frames are suitable for inside recess.
A standard frame is 49.8mm deep; 63mm blades do not protrude out the back of the frame.


Check depth of reveal clearance

Minimum clearance for blade size are as follows:

  • 63mm—18.05mm
  • 76mm—24.4mm
  • 89mm—30.8mm

Tier-On-Tier - Inside Recess - All window types

To mount the Shutter inside your window recess follow these instructions.

Step 1

Check for handle obstructions

Inside mount showing L-frame and Z-frame position, ensuring that window does not interfere with the action of the shutters.

Step 2

Measure the Width

Measure the width of your window recess in three places. Use the smallest measurement as your width and deduct 5mm.
This is your width measurement.

Step 3

Measure the Drop

Then measure the drop of your window recess in three places. Use the smallest measurement as your drop and deduct 5mm.
This is your drop measurement.

Step 4

Enter your Measurements

Go to your chosen product, enter your width and drop measurements.

Step 5

Split Height

Split height is where do you want the two upper panels of your Tier-on-Tier to split up with the lower panels.
By default the system will split halfway from top to bottom, but you can change it depending on your circumstances, ie. you have a Sash rail.