Measuring for Perfect Fit Shutters

Your new perfect fit shutters will fit perfectly if you follow our simple step by step measuring instructions.
You’ll be a measuring maestro in no time.

Important Notes

Perfect Fit Shutters are fixed directly into uPVC windows and doors, making taking window or door measurements a quick and easy process. Measuring for perfect fit shutters is easy when you follow our step-by-step guides.


Rubber Bead Check

Ensure your window has a rubber beading between the window frame and the glass.

Most windows have a rubber beading

Sometimes the rubber beading can be hidden under the frame. If your window does NOT have any rubber beading the Perfect Fit blinds will not be suitable.


Beading Check

With a metal tape measure, ensure the rubber beading is less than 6mm wide, from the edge of the frame to the edge of the glazing.
If your rubber beading is wider than 6mm perfect Fit blinds will not be suitable.


Rubber Bead Depth Check

Gently insert a credit card between your rubber beading and the glass. You must be able to push the card in at least 1cm

Measuring Perfect Fit Shutters Step By Step

Step 1

Measure the Width

Measure the width of the glass in your window in three places (top, middle, bottom). Use the smallest measurement as your width.

Step 2

Measure the Drop

Measure the drop of the glass in your window in three places (top, middle, bottom). Use the smallest measurement as your width.

Step 3

Measure your frame depth

Place a credit card flat against the frame on your window or door, so it’s overlapping the glass. Measure the gap between your credit card and the glass. This is your frame depth

Note: The frame depth is to determine the size of brackets you need for your perfect fit shutter.

Step 4

Measure your handle position

A section of the shutter frame will be customized to fit your window handle opening.

Rotate your handle to its fully open position, observing how it pivots on its mount.


Measure from the edge of the glass to the center of the handle’s pivot point. When the handle is positioned at the bottom of the window, measure from the left side of the glass. If the handle is on the left or right, always measure from the bottom of the glass.

Step 5

Enter your measurements

Go to your chosen product, enter your width and drop measurements and follow the remaining steps to customise your Perfect Fit Shutters.


  • If your window exceeds the maximum single shutter panel width of 750mm, extra shutter panels will be automatically added accordingly to meet your window width.
  • If your drop is more than 900mm you will need a middle bracket, if the bracket hole is where the handle plate is then move the bracket hole up or down to avoid obstruction.
  • Make sure you measure each window or door separately. Don’t assume they are all the same.
  • Overall panel size will be 46mm bigger than overall glass size