Measuring for Eyelet Curtains

Our made-to-measure eyelet curtains are custom-made for you. Follow our helpful guide on how to measure to get the perfect eyelet curtains for your windows and to your desired length. Whether you want them below the window sill, touching the floor, or pool for a touch of luxury, follow the easy steps below.


We recommend watching our how to measure video guide first.

Measuring Width

Measure the width of your curtain pole to determine the width of your curtains.

Curtain Poles

Measuring The Curtain Pole

Measure the width of the pole where the curtains will hang, between any finials or end caps, this is your width measurement.

Measuring Drop

Once you've chosen a style from above, measure the length as seen below.

Curtain Poles

Eyelet Curtains on a Curtain Pole

For eyelet curtains, measure from the top of the pole to where you want the curtain to end.

Decide On Your Perfect Length

The ideal length will depend on your window or door size, the room styling and your personal preference.

Above Sill

Resting Above the Window Sill

We recommend ending the curtain length at 1 cm above the sill when opting for curtains to be the same length as the window.

Below Sill

Falling Below the Window Sill

For curtains falling below the window sill, we recommend ending the curtain length 15-20cm below the sill.

Floor Length

Floor Length Curtains

If you're looking for curtains which skim the floor, we recommend ending the curtain length at 1cm above the floor.


Gently Pooled On the Floor

We recommend adding 5cm to your curtain length to create a gently pooled look.

Generously Pooled

Generously Pooled On the Floor

We recommend adding 12cm to your curtain length for a generous pooled look.