How to Measure Vertical Blind Slats

In this guide, we'll walk you through the step-by-step process of accurately measuring for your vertical blind replacement slats. Whether you're a seasoned DIY enthusiast or a novice looking to embark on a home improvement project, our instructions will help you measure your vertical blind slats with confidence and precision. Let's get started!

Measuring vertical blind slats - Step by step

Tools you’ll need:

Grab a a metal measure tape (better than a fabric tape for accuracy), note pad and pencil and we'll get started.

Video tutorial

We recommend watching our how to measure video guide first.

How to measure for vertical blind replacement slats: Using existing slats

If you're in the process of replacing an existing vertical blind slat, you can use it as a reference when measuring and should follow these instructions. These straightforward steps will help you measure your vertical blind slat width and drop.

Step 1

Headrail Compatibility

First, we must ensure your existing head rail is compatible with our vertical blind slats. If the hook looks different to the above image, please contact us before ordering so we can confirm compatibility.

Step 2

Measure the Drop

Remove the bottom weight and measure the total hem to hem drop of the fabric slat from the very top to the very bottom, ensure the fabric is flat with no folds or creases.

This measurement is the drop size you will order.

Step 3

Measure the Width

Now measure the width of the slat, this would normally be 89mm, the most common size by far and the size we offer most of our fabrics in.

The other size available, with fewer fabric options, is 127mm.

When ordering ensure your selected fabric is the correct width.

How to measure for vertical blind replacement slats: Without existing slats

If you have an existing vertical blind headrail installed but no slats attached, follow these instructions to measure for your new replacement slats. These straightforward steps will help you measure your vertical blind slat width and drop.

Step 1

Measure the Drop

With your head rail fitted, measure from the top of the hook to where you wish your slat to finish. This is your drop size to order. We recommend the slat should finish approximately 13mm above any obstruction such as a sill or radiator.

Step 2

Measure the Width

Next you need to determine which width of slat you require, we offer a wide range of 89mm wide fabrics and a smaller range of 127mm.

Fully draw the system across the width of the rail ensuring the hooks are fully extended, and then measure the distance between the hooks. The distance will be approximately 75mm for 89mm wide fabric and 115mm for 127mm fabric. Please note this can vary by a few millimetres.

Step 3

Number of Slats

Now calculate the number of slats you will require by either counting your existing ones or the number of hooks on your head rail. You may consider ordering a couple of spares just in case of any later damage. Enter the total quantity required on your order.

Finally, you need to determine if you require new bottom weights and chains with your slats. We would recommend that you order new ones if your existing ones have been at the window for some time and have become brittle and discoloured.

FAQs about measuring vertical blinds

How do you replace vertical blinds slats?

To replace vertical blind slats, carefully remove the old slat from the clip, slide the new slat into place, and secure it by snapping it onto the clip. You can see more detailed step-by-step instructions within this guide.

How many blind slats do I need?

To determine how many blind slats you need when replacing vertical blinds, count the number of existing slats that are in good condition and then order the same quantity of replacement slats. If any slats are damaged or missing, be sure to account for those as well.

Where can I buy vertical blind replacement slats?

You can purchase vertical blind replacement slats online at Swift Direct Blinds. Browse our selection of replacement slats to find the perfect match for your vertical blinds.

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