Floral Blinds and Curtains - An Easy Way to Bring Nature Inside

When someone says ‘floral’ it can conjure images of drab living rooms and garish, unsightly decor, but can florals offer fresh feeling design that’s easy on the eyes? 100%! So take a look at how you can decorate with a beautiful blooming design!

While you may have a fixed idea when thinking about florals, it’s a hugely diverse category that can include modern, vintage, bold, or minimalistic detailing. Whatever colour scheme you’re working with, there will be a floral pattern out there that can complement your interiors.


Choosing floral design 



So you’re thinking about florals? Where to begin! A good place to start is to take inventory of your existing design, or if you’re starting afresh, what style will work for you and your home? Is there a certain theme or colour that you’d like to adhere to?
If you’re leaning towards contemporary visuals, then minimal illustrative style prints are a popular choice. Designs that have been hand-painted or drawn give a fresh and rustic feel, and makes decor feel more unique! These quaint styles accompany  wooden floorboards and furniture well, and partner with textures and woven fabrics dazzlingly.

For a vintage style, more ornate blossoming designs might appeal. Lavish baroque prints pair beautifully with luxurious fabrics such as velvet, velour, and silk, and are a match made in heaven with dark woods and brassy metals. We have a variety of curtain and blind floral designs, however if you’re aiming for a deluxe, traditional style, curtains are the way to go!

Colour is a huge factor when choosing window dressings. Thankfully most of our designs come in a variety of colour options, so you have freedom when it comes to your favourite print! Natural colours are bang on-trend, so any designs that replicate nature will help you to have your interiors feeling airy and breathable. 

If you love florals but want to keep to a more neutral, subtle colour palette, then your needs can be met too. Chic off-whites, browns, and greys offer soothing tones to interiors that blend into existing decor wonderfully.

Alternatively, florals are also a great opportunity to integrate colour into your home. For design inspired by summer meadows or botanical gardens, watercolour styles and vibrant hues will catch the eye. Or for a more striking aesthetic, you could experiment with a modern take on 70s home design, with bold, symmetrical motifs.



Modern floral blind ideas 


Floral blinds are perfect for a modern, decorative touch to windows. Visually-pleasing flowery prints offset rooms perfectly and add an artistic touch of detail to reinvigorate your windows.

A prominent choice is floral blinds in the kitchen; there’s just something that feels right about natural imagery in a space where meals are lovingly prepared. Little pops of colour in the form of vines, flower heads, and leaves make a delightful addition to kitchen windows, creating a sense of cheerfulness for the room.

Whichever room in the house, windows can easily be revitalised with patterns. A dazzling contrast against plain walls, florals provide a refreshed look to windows. Bring your decor together with a floral colour scheme that matches splashes of colour in your rooms - for example, tie together a pink theme with a pink floral pattern, and colour match with cushions or photo frames to give a cohesive finish!



Are floral curtains dated? 



A misconception about floral curtains is that they’re exclusively an old fashioned style, and we think that they should get a bit more love! With so many modern designs on offer, and the latest biophilic/natural design trend, florals are absolutely making a comeback. Colourful patterns against a white or neutral backdrop offer a more current aesthetic that make rooms feel welcoming while looking stylish. 

That being said, vintage style doesn’t have to mean outdated! When decorating with thematic intent, vintage floral curtains can still be ultra stylish and fresh. If you’re undergoing a modern twist on opulent Victorian design, or have a classic concept to your interiors, florals make a beautiful feature. Perhaps your colour scheme is darker, richer tones, or you’re looking to incorporate metallics? Our range includes different style options so that you can match your taste perfectly.

So experiment with flowery features for a fun, vibrant change! See the enchanting options that we have available for floral blinds and curtains.  

Shop floral blinds & curtains 

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