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Pollergen® Blinds - helping to reduce hay fever symptoms

With spring and summer just around the corner, it’s not good news for everyone. Hay fever sufferers are likely to see an increase in symptoms as the warmer weather sets in and those pollen counts rise. We know that it can be a hugely bothersome time of year and people are increasingly looking for new and innovative ideas to help combat the symptoms.

Currently, in the UK, around 16 000 000 people are reported to suffer from hay fever and not just for a couple of weeks but two-thirds of the year, according to the NHS.

We may just have found the answer to your prayers – Pollergen® Blinds.

What are Pollergen® blinds?

One of our trusted suppliers Louvolite® has created a unique fabric treatment which can help relieve hay fever symptoms, it’s called Pollergen® and it is backed by Allergy UK’s seal of approval.

Functional and stylish, these blinds are an ideal choice within the homes of hay fever sufferers.

How Pollergen® blinds work?

Pollergen® treated blinds work by capturing and neutralising pollen that comes into contact with the fabric. This renders the pollen completely harmless to hay fever sufferers, even if it’s later disturbed and comes away from the fabric.

When independently tested, the fabrics were found to reduce the pollen count within a space by up to 50%. Hence the thumbs up from Allergy UK!

Pollergen® blinds don’t have to be boring 

Game changing designs and a funky array of colours ensure this range will not disappoint. The fabrics have been designed with bedrooms and family spaces in mind, and the prints and colours reflect this. Including some specifically imagined for a little one's space.

Discover our wonderful Pollergen® blinds here.

Get more information and support

If you’re looking for any guidance about dealing with hay fever and the symptoms associated with it, be sure to check out the NHS guidelines:

Learn more about our Pollergen® blinds here.

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