Abstract Trend - Ideas for Vibrant Interior

Neutral colours and decor is great for being timeless, classic and easily customisable, but by integrating colour into your home, it really brings personality and vibrancy into the room. There are plenty of ways to weave the abstract colour trend into a particular space so today we’d love to share our interior design tips and colourful blinds recommendations that will enable you to transform your home.


What Is The Abstract Colour Trend?

When you think ‘abstract’ you may be thinking 70s, tie dye and colour clashes. Although some interior design trends could follow these themes, we like to think of abstract interior decor as a more sophisticated version of that.

Living room with green walls, blue velvet sofa and houseplants

How Can I Add This Into My Home?

We’ve put together a few different ways you can incorporate this popular interior design trend into your home so you can give a room a new lease of life, revamp a room that wasn’t bringing you joy or transform a space that needed a splash of personality.


Colour Blocking

Adding sections or blocks of colour allows you to contract colours against each other and create a bold, minimal yet classic aesthetic. We recommend doing this by painting a feature wall, making bold colour choices with your kitchen worktops and cabinets or for a more practical solution, through your blinds.

If you have a neutral wall with windows, why not opt for our Oslo Blackout Solar Yellow Roller Blind as a happy pop of colour? Or if you are looking for something more regal, our Velvet Royal Blue Roman Blind might be what you are looking for as the fabric offers luxury and the blue shade is timeless.

Bright living room with blackout yellow roller blinds

Go With A Pattern

Patterned fabrics are a great way of bringing colour and abstract elements into a room. Whether you are looking for the perfect patterned pillowcases or maybe you are going bold with a sofa, it is a change that is guaranteed to turn heads or gain a reaction.
Our blinds come in a variety of colours and patterns to suit your taste and personality so you can customise your home with the perfect set of abstract patterned blinds.
For a subtle burst of colour, our Pimlico Saffron Roman Blind is great as it offers some neutral tones with the addition of lime green. Likewise, our Mezza Gris Roller Blind incorporates geometric pattern, creating a sophisticated look.
If you are looking to make a statement and go all out, we love the Spiral Scarlet Roman Blind which gives a nod to the 70s and 80s in terms of the print, but can finish off a living room or hallway perfectly.

Close up of colourfull patterned cushions and throws in a living room


Our Top Picks


We’ve kept it simple and made it easy for you to make a decision. Here are a selection of our top choices when it comes to abstract blinds, which are guaranteed to fit in nicely in any room.
For a pop of orange, look no further than the Musa Tigerlily Orange Roller Blind, or if you prefer blue, then you can also opt for that colourway here.
For shades of orange and teal blue, our Luscious Leaf Teal Blue Roman Blind is perfect and since the pattern is smaller, it seems less bold.
Our Como Ocra Roller Blind is beautiful and the watercolour style motif really brings a different texture to the room. If you are looking to inject more colour, take a look at the Lush Jungle Fever Roller Blind, the clue is in the name so no need for a description!

Musa Tigerlily Orange roller blind in a living room

Shop our patterned Roller Blinds

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