Back to School - Children’s Bedroom Blinds

There’s a lot to think about when it comes to decorating your children’s bedrooms and playrooms - not just style, colour and blind type but also suitable fabrics and safety features. Our blind ranges are filled with Blackout linings to ensue your child gets their much needed 12 hours while they're back to school.

If your children love Disney, just like we do here at Swift Direct Blinds twe also have a range of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters to add a little fun to the space. You don’t have to go big and bold as we have lots of subtle, neutral pastel shades that will work perfectly as your children grow. In this blog we’re giving you a handy guide to selecting children’s blinds as well as some handy tips for selecting the optimal blinds for your children’s sleep cycle so they grow and develop happily!


Sleep Hygiene and Blinds to Help

Children roller blind playroom


Sleep Hygiene is one of the most important components of a child’s physical and mental health and the NHS reports that depending on their age, Children need 8 - 13 hours of sleep a night.* Giving your child the optimal environment to sleep in can make a huge difference. Room temperature, noise levels, and amount of light all impact your child’s comfort levels and ability to sleep. To help with light control we recommend going for blackout fabrics which will block out the light and help aid a restful night’s sleep as the days start to get longer and brighter. If temperature control is an issue in your child’s room you might want to consider specially treated thermal fabric blinds which are perfect for summer and winter because they prevent heat from escaping and reflect solar heat during the summer.


Child Safety Features

One of the most important parts of all of our blinds is the safety features. As standard, all of our blinds come with safety devices for children which differ depending on the type of blind. What each of these safety devices is designed to do is to prevent any accidents and injuries from occurring like in-built features to respond to any unnecessary pressure on the blind cord. These devices are very important and they're included free of charge so you don’t have to worry about extra costs to keep your children safe. 

There are some ways you can also ensure that your blinds are as safe as possible:
  1. Always make sure you read the fitting instructions carefully to make sure the safety features are in working order.
  2. Avoid creating any loops in the cords because children can get their heads trapped within by knotting and looping the operating cords.
  3. Always use a clip tie, cleat, or chain tidy mounted onto the wall next to the blind so you can keep the cords away from little hands.

You can find our full information about blind safety here.


Roman Blinds

Roman blind in children bedroom


Roman blinds are one of our favourite blind options for children’s bedrooms because many of the fabrics are available with a thermal blackout lining which provides the perfect environment for sleep. Not only are they a practical choice for warmth, ease of fit, and child safety, but they also come in so many beautiful printed fabrics that your child will love. 

Some of our most popular roman blinds for children are:


King of the Jungle Safari Roman Blind


On The Road Tarmac Roman Blind


Alpaca Quince Yellow Roman Blind


Roller Blinds 

Roman blind in children bedroom

Roller blinds are always a very popular choice because they’re budget friendly, easy to use, and come in all kinds of fabric colours, options, and prints. You can opt for blackout roller blinds, thermal roller blinds, and even Disney licensed blinds all of which are great choices for your children’s room. Some of our most popular roller blinds for children are:


Vitra Blackout Aqua Roller Blind


Wonderland Blackout Pastel Roller Blind


Jurassic Blackout Marine Roller Blind


Wooden Venetian Blinds 

children bedroom blinds


Our wooden venetian blinds can be a fun addition to your children’s bedroom because we offer a large range of brightly coloured painted wooden blinds for a fun pop of colour. If your children also spend time in their room during the day, wooden blinds are an excellent choice if you need optimum light and privacy control. Being able to simply tilt the slats means you can make a space that’s comfortable night and day. Even better, if you opt for faux wooden blinds they’re wipe-clean and waterproof so you don’t have to worry so much about sticky fingers!

Some of our most popular wooden blinds for children are:


Deco Taped True White with Contrast Envy Tape Faux Wood


Colour Prime Electric Real Wood


Deco Taped True White with Contrast Vamp Tape Faux Wood



children bedroom curtians



Finally, like our roman blinds, our curtains come in a range of fun prints and bold colours and are available with blackout options to aid slumber. Curtains also add warmth to your children’s bedroom, giving it a chic and cosy look. In addition to this, they’re a practical choice for cleaning as they can be taken down and you can even pair them with other blind types to create the ultimate layered window finish. Also, as an added bonus, curtains provide an excellent hiding spot during hide and seek.  Some of our most popular curtains for children are:


Butterfly Vintage Curtain


Baa Baa Peony Curtain


Twirl Rumba Curtain


*For more information on sleep hygiene see NHS guidelines and advice here.


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