Swift Direct Blinds Sleep Deprivation Challenge

About The Challenge

In the Swift Direct Blinds Sleep Challenge we investigated the importance of sleep by comparing the performance of two physically fit young men before and after depriving one of them of a full night's rest. This may seem like cruel and unusual punishment, but as experts on curtains and blinds we wanted to see how much our products really can help our customers. Plus, we had two willing and able volunteers who were just itching to compete with one another.

Tom (26) and Vlad (29) may be friends, but they're also rivals, competing in half-marathons and gruelling obstacle runs. They're also football players and fans - supporting different teams (if you're interested, Tom is a Leeds man while Vlad backs Manchester United). So, they were both well up for a chance to get one over on the other person.

What They Did

To oversee the challenge, we relied on a physical fitness expert and conditioning coach, Simon, who put Tom and Vlad through their paces on a specially-designed course. This tested their dexterity, endurance and strength. And to make sure that the results were accurate, our competitors had to go through the course three times.

How They Fared

At the end of the first day, Tom and Vlad were roughly equal, with Vlad completing the challenge in slightly less time. We then randomly assigned one of them to lose a night's sleep.

Vlad was the unlucky one, and at home that night he wasn't allowed to draw his curtains. But we didn't stop there. To make sure that he stayed awake, we sent him messages over the course of the night that he had to respond to.

The next day, Vlad may have believed that he was as strong as ever, but the results told a different story.


What We Learned

“I had no idea sleep was so important.”

- Vlad


Vlad’s strength and fitness suffered, which we expected. But what surprised us was how much the loss of sleep affected his balance and coordination. Even his mood appeared to be down. It seems that a good night’s rest is required to recharge just about all of a body’s functions – not just the obvious ones.


Moving Onwards


The good news for Vlad was that he was able to go home that night, close his curtains and get a brilliant night's sleep. But many people aren't so lucky, suffering from interrupted slumber because their bedrooms aren't quite the havens that they should be. So, if you learn anything from Vlad's experience, perhaps it should be that it can pay to invest in your rest.

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