Real Customer Homes - Wooden Blinds Edition

Collaborations and paid ads are taking the Social Media World by storm, which we’re all here for, but we love to get to know our real customers to understand how they style their homes and why they chose particular window furnishings, so we can share that information with our other customers. That's why we’re here to discuss a genuine customer experience with a real customer, in a real home! Meet Nuala, otherwise known as a real Swift Direct Blinds customer, who has shopped with us on a number of occasions for Wooden Blinds for her beautiful home renovations.

Nuala’s account caught our eye back when she first started her account in 2020 not only for her breathtaking style but also unique choice of colours and her love of upcycling furniture and renovating homes. We just love how she has added royal colours with bright tones to create a beautiful bohemian look while also using the natural light coming through our wooden blinds to create a bright modern look as a total trend contrast, our absolute fav! Her account it's a must follow and we just know she’s going to go far, so we decided to ask her a few questions so you can all get to know her a little bit more too…


We just love your home, where did you get your style inspiration from?

I've always played my renovation projects quite safe up until now, but I couldn't help but feel that although they were fresh and beautiful, they weren't 'me'. So I wanted to go all out 'Nuala Vibes' on this recent one. What inspires my style is when I decide on how I want someone to feel in the space and I go from there. I decide on the mood and vibe of the house and then think, 'what do I need to do in order to make some experience this feeling when they come in'. From there, I work on lighting design and how to get that dream atmosphere using certain colours, textures and layers.


Why did you choose Swift?

I've been using Swift’s Blinds for a few years now. I'm all for quick and easy jobs, so ordering from Swift have nailed that. Measuring and ordering is so straightforward and fuss free. Amazing prices, super quick delivery, really easy to install, whats not to love about that?! I've never been let down or disappointed in any of the orders I've placed. It's one of those tasks that I know I can totally relax about, because you nail it every time.


Did you order our free samples before you purchased your blind?

No I didn't, I think you have such a great range of different types of blinds that I was confident in what I was getting. Everything I've ordered arrives exactly how it looks on the website.


Why did you choose Wooden Blinds?

Lighting is so important to me in design, having the ability to direct the light within the rooms is important to me. I feel that the wooden blinds help me do that. They are also really easy to clean and maintain.


We love your upcycled furniture, what has been your favourite piece this year? 

Thank you so much. That's a tough question, can I pick two? 😂 My favourite piece I've done for my recent renovation is definitely my black and gold bathroom vanity unit. As soon as I saw the piece, I saw the potential of what it could look like. It was absolutely perfect for the space. Another favourite was a huge big Victorian sideboard, someone had already upcycled it and I just felt that it was living a sad existence, so I sanded it back and painted it a really bold mustard with black accents. I really wanted to keep it for my recent renovation but the dimensions just didn't work for it, so sadly I had to sell it instead. Gosh, I really miss that dresser 😂


What can we expect from your account for the rest of 2021? 

I'm really getting the itch to do another house flip! It's really quite addictive bringing something from ruin to luxury. So fingers crossed you'll be seeing a lot more bold colours and textures.
I've also been asked to do a little project for Escape to the Chateau, so I'm delighted to get working on that. I'm a huge fan of Dick and Angel. Their work-ethic, determination and creativity is so inspiring to me.
I've a few other exciting things coming up for 2021 which I can't talk about just yet, so you'll have to keep your eyes peeled for sure.


What fantastic responses to our questions, Thank you to Nuala for being our guest instagrammer on this week's blog, we can’t wait to watch your account grow and see more of your projects. You can follow Naula’s journey too by following her instagram

Nuala loves our wooden blinds, you can shop her look here.


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