New Cruze Electric Roller Blinds

Our newest range of motorised, electric blinds - Cruze Roller blinds. The upgrade every home has been crying out for. It used to be that electric blinds would only be for the very rich, unattainable for the majority of homes. Advances in technology mean they are now affordable for every home. Join the revolution and upgrade ahead of the trend. 

The thought of choosing to upgrade to motorised blinds can be exciting and a little daunting. We want to show you that the practicalities and usefulness of having electric blinds within your home is something that nobody should miss out on. Our Cruze Roller blinds are incredibly easy to use and operate with a range of controls, from remote control to voice control. Something to suit every home and every individual. Cruze roller blinds are the epitome of luxurious window dressing and have a soft start and stop motion. Guaranteed to have smooth raising and lowering.


Our Cruze Rollers are motorised using a state of the art motor system. So we can ensure nothing spoils your homes aesthetic, the wire and motor is stored within the blinds headrail giving a seamless, wire-free finish. Our Cruze blinds also hold power really well. We estimate that the blinds will need charging every 6 months, for around 6 hours. Totally convenient for you to know they won’t be losing power every other week. Cruze rollers can be charged whilst the blinds are in position or you can take them down to charge. With Cruze you get to charge whichever way works best for you and your home. If you do decide to take them down to charge - rest assured it’s really simple to do and the blinds will easily clip back into position afterwards. 

Cruze electric roller blinds are easy to set up - even the biggest technophobe won’t struggle with our easy to follow user guides. There’s no need to hire an electrician to fit these blinds, it’s as easy as fitting any standard roller.

To really get the most out of choosing to go electric & experience all the benefits, you might want to upgrade your upgrade and pair your new blinds with a smart home hub. 

What’s a smart home hub?

Well basically, it’s a bit of kit that will allow you to pair your new blinds with an Amazon Alexa or Google home. It also allows operation and control of your blind using an app on your phone. We really are looking at the future of home improvements here!

Alexa, open my blinds!

Pairing with an Amazon Alexa or Google Home will allow you to control your blinds using just your voice. What could be easier? If you already use your Alexa to play music or control your lights, it’s a logical next step to include blind operation too. A great way to get blinds that fit with and improve your current lifestyle.

You might prefer to control your blinds using an app on your phone. Most people are comfortable using smartphones these days. They have become so ingrained in our way of life, we use them for far more than just staying in touch and communicating now. Controlling your blinds is just another way to enhance your way of living. 


New blinds, added security?


Traditionally when going on holiday, you might have set timers on a lamp so a light would come on at a certain time. Or maybe you arranged for a friend or neighbour to pop in and close your curtains or blinds. Our new Cruze Rollers work in a similar way when paired with a smart hub, giving the ability to set timers for your blinds to open or close. Added peace of mind & additional security! This allows you to get on with the important things on holiday - sun, sea & making memories with your family & friends. 

How nice would it be to get up in the morning & go downstairs to the sun shining through all of your windows? Alleviate another monotonous morning job & set a time for your blinds to open in the morning. It will help you feel energised and fresh for a new day. No more half asleep, fumbling round to try and open the blinds. Just bright, natural light and one less job to do before coffee!

Another benefit to setting timers on your blinds is the option to wake to natural light. If you’re looking at changing your morning routine and incorporating natural light, you could set bedroom blinds on a timer to open & allow natural light in to wake you up. There are many benefits to starting your day in this way including feeling energised, improved sleep & a much needed vitamin D boost.


Cruze electric roller blinds are our go to option for difficult to reach windows or windows with limited accessibility. As they are controlled remotely and forgo the need for control cords, you will no longer have to reach uncomfortable heights or positions to operate your blinds. They’re great for any person with limited mobility. Operate from the comfort of your chair or bed. Our first choice of blind for supporting independent living.

No sacrifice on your interior styling. We have hundreds of fabric options for our Cruze Roller blinds, meaning you will get the best finish for your style. From patterned to plain fabric, sheer or blackout, our range of fabrics include something to suit any taste. 

Why not take the plunge and shop the range now? You have nothing to lose & everything to gain by upgrading today. Don’t forget all our products come with a free 5 year guarantee, this does include all parts of our Cruze Rollers. 

Shop now

Keep your eyes peeled for our competition running in the next few weeks to celebrate the launch of our new Cruze Roller blinds. It’s one you won’t want to miss!  

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