Blinds for Your Rented Property

With economic pressure and skyrocketing house prices, it’s no wonder that renting is at an all time high! But just because you’re living within rented accommodation, it doesn't mean that your interiors shouldn’t be able to reflect your personality and style. Whether you’re planning on staying for a year or five, it’s still important to have a place to call home.

You may be wondering, are blinds a landlord’s responsibility? Well, everyone’s contract is different, so if you’re unsure it’s always best to check! While existing blinds in the property are required to meet certain safety standards, it’s possible that they just don’t meet your light-control needs or taste. While undergoing a complete home makeover will depend on your circumstances and need to be discussed with your landlord, we have a solution for any window woes, and options that enable you to make your rented property feel your own.


What type of blinds can I have in my rented home?


So you’re ready to revive your windows? We have two words for you: drill-free. Any concern of damaged walls and unpermitted screw installation can be kept at bay with blinds that attach straight onto window frames. Ultimately this means you can renovate interiors in a way that feels like transforming the property without adding a permanent fixture - and get that full deposit back! We have a selection of screw-free temporary blinds to choose from, so let us walk you through the options.


Clip and Fit Blinds


Clip and Fit 


Crafted to clip directly onto UPVC window frames, Clip & Fit blinds (AKA Top Down/Bottom Up blinds) have a no fixed header and footer rail, making this a super versatile window treatment. Its star feature being a range of lighting options, you can modify the blinds from the top or bottom throughout the day, giving them a more custom feel. Ideal for homes overlooking bustling streets, this blind gives you the freedom to make rooms private without blocking out the sun - think cafe-style! 

Child-safe by design and blissfully easy to operate, Clip & Fit are a great all-rounder choice. Available in either pleated or cellular, these modern blinds are however somewhat limited when it comes to their look - if you’re hoping for that classic Roller blind style, Perfect Fit may be more up your alley.


Neat Fit

Do the windows in your home have a rubber seal between the glass and frame?
Neat Fit blinds are designed to fit, well, neatly! Taking only minutes to install, this style slots right into the window’s seal, giving you fresh and functional interior design that can be removed promptly if needed. Fitting closely to the window, Neat Fit blinds offer great insulation too, so you can ease the pain of those rising energy bills just that bit more. Choose from Venetian or Pleated depending on your style preference.


Perfect Fit

For ultra simple installation, our Perfect Fit blinds come with a frame that fits within UPVC frames, intended to blend in uniformly with your windows. This alternative to traditional blinds uses small clips that slide under a window’s beading to fit in securely. Select from our popular frame colours, as Perfect Fit blinds won’t disrupt the aesthetic or integrity of existing walls/windows. And with a selection of Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Wooden blinds, Pleated blinds, and Day and Night Blinds, you’re spoilt for choice!


Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds

Colours and Materials for your Drill-Free blinds

So now you might have a good idea of which type of no-drill blinds are for you, what can they offer in terms of materials? Luckily for you, we have a myriad of fabrics and features so you can reap the benefits of colour-coordinated blinds that suit your privacy and light control requirements. 

While many rental properties come with a strict no-painting clause in their contract, you can still find loopholes by adding colour to the foundation decor of your rooms. Create a distinct colour scheme by matching blinds to decorative elements such as cushions, blankets, and ornamental pieces to balance your interiors. From rich, opulent jewel tones to strikingly vibrant rainbow hues, or even chic pastels, we have an exciting assortment to scroll through! 

As a matter of material, you can opt for soft cloth, woven textures, real wood, or pleated blinds - note colour options vary depending on your favoured material! Blinds also work beautifully in tandem with curtains, so if you or your landlord have placed drapes on your windows, the combination of the two creates optimal light control for the room, as well as looking stylish.

Perfect Fit Day and Night Blinds


Available Performance Features

While rented flats and houses are usually pragmatically decorated to be practical for all tenants, you may have specific needs that your home isn’t currently meeting. If you’re coming home from a night shift craving sleep or have young children that need their rest, blackout blinds facilitate restful sleep uninhibited by glaring sunlight. Effective in blocking incoming light, blackout blinds are the ultimate choice for privacy and light control. Alternatively, if your living spaces have limited natural lighting coming in and your rooms feel boxy and claustrophobic, light-filtering blinds provide a soft glow of light during the day that makes rooms feel more open and spacious, while still concealing interiors from the outside.

Looking to add blinds to your kitchen or bathroom, or finding your home prone to the effects of humidity? We also have a selection of moisture-resistant Neat Fit and Perfect Fit blinds that are more durable against splashes and damp - a must have for mildew-prone environments.

Finally, all of our drill-free blind categories come with a range of thermal energy saving options, which in the current economic climate is always handy! Optimised to prevent heat escaping during cold winter months, and reflecting heat from the sun in the summer, this performance feature is a welcome one.

If you’ve decided to embark on decorating your rented home, remember to carefully store any existing blinds and curtains and reinstate them back to their original placement once you decide to move on from your current residence! Ready to get shopping? Check out our extensive range, here.

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