Which blinds for kitchens?

What’s important when you’re choosing blinds for a kitchen?

When it comes to choosing blinds for your kitchen, there are two key questions to ask:

  1. Are they easy to keep clean and dry?
Your kitchen blind is most likely to get splashed and stained with food, so choose a blind that is made with wipeable, moisture resistant or even waterproof fabric. This makes it easy to keep clean and presentable.
  1. Are they moisture resistant?

Blinds made from moisture resistant material won’t get damaged even in moist conditions. We recommend that you choose uPVC/ faux wood blinds from our collection and avoid blinds that will soak in moisture or warp. For example, curtains, real wood blinds or shutters, and soft fabric blinds such as roman blinds are all inclined to be affected by moisture.

Which blind type for kitchen?

Now that you know what fabric to choose and the ones to avoid for your kitchen blind, it’s time to decide on a most suitable type. There isn’t a one-type-fits-all blind for kitchen windows. It all comes down to your personal preference and the features you need your blind to have.

If you need flexible light and privacy control – for example, if your windows are facing the road – opt for vertical, venetian, or faux wood blinds or faux wood shutters. If flexible light control isn’t important and you’re looking for the most affordable blind with a bold pattern – for example your windows are overlooking a garden or a backyard – roller blinds could work well.

Now, let’s look at the most popular kitchen window positions/ scenarios and what blind type and fabric we recommend choosing for each.

Kitchen window position: facing the garden

If your kitchen window is overlooking a backyard or a garden, you don’t have to worry about privacy when choosing your blind.

The most affordable solution will be a dimout roller blind. These blinds come in the widest range of colours and patterns compared to other blind types.

You can fully raise your blind during the daytime, which will allow maximum light in, and lower it at night to have some privacy without totally excluding the light and the view.

If you’re worried about your blind getting splashed or dirty, choose roller blinds made from moisture-resistant and wipeable fabric. This is the ideal option if your window is next to the sink or over the counter, for example.

The best blind types: dimout roller blinds, dimout vertical blinds, PVC roller blinds, and PVC vertical blinds.

Kitchen window position: facing the road

If your window is exposed to the road, you need a blind that will provide privacy and light control throughout the day. Faux wood, venetian and vertical blinds are the best options in this case.

Vertical blinds can be drawn across the window, while faux wood and venetian blinds can be raised to any position, and slats can be tilted from fully open to fully closed. Each of these give you great light and privacy control.

In addition, by using vertical and venetian blinds, you can allow plenty of daylight in without fully exposing your window, which is something you can’t have with roller blinds.

Faux wood shutters work the same way as faux wood and venetian blinds and they are also great for kitchen windows. Shutters are much more expensive than blinds, so consider these only if you’re looking for a long-term solution.

The best blind types: blackout vertical blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminium venetian, and faux wood shutters.

Kitchen window position: Next to the sink

If your kitchen window is next to a sink, you should choose blinds that are easy to keep clean and dry because they will get splashed a lot.

Wipeable or moisture resistant roller blinds are the easiest to keep clean as it’s just a solid fabric piece you need to wipe down.

Alternatively, a lot of vertical and Perfect Fit blinds are made using wipeable and moisture-resistant fabrics, so these are blind types that withstand the moisture levels in your kitchen while also offering flexibility when it comes to light and privacy.

Also, should you keep condiments or plants on your windowsill, consider opting for blinds that won’t take a lot of sill space. Perfect Fit or venetian blinds are excellent space-saving options.

The best blind types: waterproof and wipeable blinds – PVC roller blinds, PVC vertical blinds, perfect fit roller blinds.

Kitchen window position: over the counter

If your window is next to an area where you’ll use food and liquid, we always recommend choosing blinds that are easy to clean, such as:

If your window is overlooking a garden or a back yard, consider choosing blinds that can be fully raised during the daytime so that you can take the advantage of daylight when cooking. We suggest roller, faux wood or venetian blinds for this.

You might want to avoid choosing fabrics in light colours as any dirt or water splashes will be easily noticeable.

The best blind types: wipeable and waterproof roller blinds, faux wood blinds, faux wood shutters.

Large kitchen windows

If you have big windows in your kitchen, such as full-height windows or patio doors, vertical blinds are one of the best options, followed by panel or Perfect Fit blinds.

Vertical blinds will give you flexible light and air control. You can fully close them to ensure nosy bypassers can’t look in, or tilt the slats to allow the light in without fully exposing your windows.

If your large kitchen windows are facing the garden or a back yard, Perfect Fit roller blinds make a great choice. These blinds are designed for use on uPVC double glazed windows, with one blind per pane of glass. You don’t need to drill or screw into your window frames to install these as a bracket slides between the frame seal and the glazing, which is also great for insulation.

Hard to reach kitchen windows

If your kitchen window is obstructed by furniture or appliances, consider choosing electric blinds. Electric blinds can be operated by a remote control so you can close and open your blind from a distance. You can even upgrade to the Smart Hub option, which means you can operate your blind using your mobile phone or a voice activation device including Alexa and Google Home.

Flame retardant kitchen blinds

Since we’re talking about kitchen blinds, it makes sense to mention blinds made from flame retardant fabrics and materials. These blinds reduce the heat build-up and so prevent rapid fire development.

While flame-retardant blinds are only a legal requirement in public places, such as schools, student accommodation, and hospitals, it is something you can choose for your own kitchen at home for increased safety.

The flame retardant finish is applied to the fabric in manufacturing and it won’t affect the look or operation of your blind.

Blinds for kitchen

We hope you found this article useful to help you decide on the blind type and fabric you want for your kitchen.

When it comes to choosing the colour and pattern for your kitchen blind, there are plenty of options to choose from. We offer free samples for all our blinds and shutters, so you can see and feel the fabric before committing to buying.

Here are our top three recommended blinds for a kitchen:

uPVC roller blinds, uPVC vertical blindsFaux wood blinds and shutters.

Blind types you don’t want in your kitchen

  • Soft fabric windows blinds - roman blinds or curtains, because they’ll soak in the moisture and will be hard to keep clean and dry.
  • Real wood blinds or shutters, because they can warp with time.
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