While is it highly desirable to have as much natural light as possible in a home, unfortunately this can mean a privacy problem.

Overlooked by neighbours or a busy road can mean that your tranquil escape is intruded upon from passers-by, and friends alike. We’ll take you through the best ways to keep your privacy, whilst minimising light loss.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a stylish way to create a private space, with a wide array of fabrics from light-loving sheer voiles, light-filtering dim-out fabrics, to blackout fabrics, vertical blinds are a firm favourite due to their minimal and versatile design.

A favourite of offices, schools and modern spaces, vertical blinds can span across large windows, reaching up to 4.75 metres in width and 3.6 metres drop. Vertical blinds offer optimal privacy control with a simple twist of a wand.

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Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are another blind that offers privacy control through its tilt system. The blind can be lowered to the desired level at the window and then can be tilted down to allow light in, and prying eyes out.

Add tapes to reduce the light coming through the slats. If the windows are in a bathroom or kitchen, you can still have wooden blinds with our faux wooden collection, a modern take on traditional slatted blinds.

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Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are another fantastic way to increase the privacy of a room. Though they cannot be tilted like vertical blinds, voile roller blinds reduce inward visibility whilst keeping light levels to their maximum.

Blackout roller blinds offer the most privacy, however sacrifice the light. As a happy medium between voile and blackout, we would suggest any of our dim-out fabrics which though do reduce the light, do not block it out completely. Roller blinds also come in many more patterned variations, meaning that you can tailor the blind to any scheme you like.

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Shutter blinds

Another highly popular slat blind type is shutters, which like conventional wooden blinds, can be titled to suit light and privacy preferences.

Our cafe-style shutters are designed to be fitted halfway up a window, meaning light flooding over the top of the blinds all day, perfect for rooms overlooked by a busy street.

To suit today’s climate, we also offer our shutters in a cost-effective faux wood option, perfect for bathrooms!

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