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Which blinds are best for winter?

Thankfully, almost any window covering can help with temperature control during the winter. In fact, bare windows can account for 10% - 25% of heat loss in a home and so covering them with wood blinds, vertical blinds, roller blinds, roman blinds, or curtains are an important first step. Additionally many people double up blinds and curtains during the window months to add a second level of fabric insulation to their window treatments.

But if you’re looking to go beyond just the normal level of cold-prevention and barrier, or if you’re interested in looking for more energy-efficient blinds, we have several options for you.

Energy Efficient Fabrics

Close up of a grey neat fit pleated blind
All of our blind styles can be made in a variety energy-saving fabrics but our most efficient for keeping in the heat and saving on your energy bills in winter, are our neat-fit honeycomb pleated blinds.

These blinds are designed to fit any windows with a rubber seal between the glass and frame and offer great insulation.

One of the reasons why the honeycomb pleated blinds are so effective at keeping your house warm is because they’re what’s known as a ‘cellular shade’. What this means is that the layers are bonded together to create the honey-comb shaped pockets which trap air inside and limit heat transfer from the window. These pockets then create the pleated pattern on the front of the blind and slow down the heat loss in your room.

If you prefer an alternative style you’ll find our full range of thermal energy-saving blinds here.

Shutters and Perfect Fit© Blinds

White real wood full height shutters in a living room
Like our Neat-Fit blinds, our Perfect Fit© blinds and shutters are also an excellent option as they fit tightly within the whole window frame and therefore are able to act as another form of blocking cold air or damage in the window seal.
The position of your blinds can also make a big difference as the closer they are to the window the better they will act as a draft excluder. Because Perfect Fit© blinds and shutters are not as far away from the window itself and offer a closer and tighter fit.
As all of our blinds are made-to-measure, unlike cheap, store-bought pre-cut blinds, mounting them snugly inside your window will act as an extra level of protection from the cold.
You can find our complete range of shutters here, and our Perfect Fit blinds here.

Roman Blinds

Floral roman blind in a living room blind
As all of our roman blinds are lined they offer both a front-facing fabric and a backing fabric that doubles the thickness of the blind.

This double thickness keeps more heat inside your home by providing an extra layer of insulation and, because roman blinds are made in one continuous fabric there are less gaps for heat to escape through.

You can find our complete range of roman blinds here.

Blackout Roller Blinds and Smart Electric Roller Blinds

Blackout grey roller blind in a kitchen
Blackout roller blinds are a cost-effective way to provide a level of insulation to your house. As they are a single continuous piece of fabric, they have less gaps than Wooden or Vertical blinds and so have less places for heat to escape through.

Additionally, we recommend using our electric roller blinds during the winter so that you can utilize a programmed timer function to have your blinds close and open at the optimal point of the day. That way you don’t have to worry about closing all of your blinds every night to keep the heat in – the smart-hub will take care of it for you.  
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Mississippi Glacier White
Lovely looking binds
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Vitra Blackout Action
Great colour, fabric and rolling action. It's lovely on a cold winter day to have some light...
Tim Swift
four stars
23 hours ago
Vitra Blackout Passion
Great colour and manufacture. My only gripe is that the lovely matte finish is only on *one* side...
Tim Swift
five stars
Deco Dove Grey
Beautiful blinds that were very easy to install. 5 stars!
five stars
Oslo Blackout Rock
Great blind if like us you work shifts and have to sleep throughout the day. We ordered for a...
Paul Beard
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Verona Prime 25mm Gloss Bright White
5 stars very good
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Just as seen
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