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How To Control Your Rooms Light Levels

Let's talk about ergonomic lightning and what that actually means. Ergonomic lighting, or the room’s lighting levels, is having the right amount of lighting for what you’re doing.
This will vary from room to room, in the kitchen it means installing appropriate lighting above the counters, letting in natural light in the living room for you to relax, or effectively lighting your home office to avoid eye strain whilst you work.
Although this term is most widely used in an office environment, having effective and ergonomic lighting in your house will help ensure your interior design shines through, whilst also giving your home the perfect atmosphere.

Ergonomic lighting level recommendations

Lady and a boy playing in a living room with large electric roller blinds
There’s lots of jargon when it comes to ergonomic lighting, and unless you’re a specialist it will probably sound confusing to you. In general, on a clear day outside lighting is around 10,000 lux, by a window inside the light goes down to 1,000 lux.
Roughly, it is recommended to have 100-300 lux in a room where you don’t perform concentrated visual tasks, like the hallway or the bedroom, whereas you’ll need 500-800 lux if you’re reading or drawing, bumping it up to 800-1,700 lux for specific concentration tasks.
Having the ability to change the lighting of a room is important too, in a dining room you can switch from an active area during the day to a relaxing space at night. Children’s bedrooms will also need to be versatile as they will often both sleep and study in their rooms, so ambient and task lighting is needed.

Understanding these recommendations for your home

Lady controlling lights in a living room
To create a successful lighting scheme for your home you will need to take into account how each room is used, asking yourself questions such as “What will this space be used for?” and “What time of day will this room be used the most?”, your lighting choices will have to change based on the room’s use and when you plan to use this room.
Other important questions to consider are as follows:
  • Who will be using this room? A 60-year-old will need higher lighting levels than a 15-year-old.
  • Do you want to highlight a piece of furniture or artwork in this room?
  • Will the dining area double up as a homework space?
  • Will the spare room double up as a study?
  • Where does the natural light enter the room?
Once you have an answer to these questions, you’ll be in a much better place to make decisions for the lighting levels of your home.

Using natural light to control lighting levels

Girl in a bedroom with large pink blackout roller blinds in windows
The role natural light plays in the overall ambience of your room is very important, this lighting should be the starting point of your room's plan. Using the right kind of blinds or curtains can help you manipulate the natural light in your home to ensure the perfect space.
Long curtains in your living room will allow you to frame the natural light pouring into your home, whilst also being able to control harsh sun by only closing one side, whereas blackout blinds in the bedroom will enable you to get the best nights rest with no distractions.
Roller blinds enable you to let in just the right amount of natural light as you can roll them up or down to fit your needs, whilst wooden blinds allow you to reduce the amount of light in your home whilst still allowing for the sun to shine through. 
Whatever room you’re looking to decorate, here at Swift Direct Blinds you will find exactly what you’re looking for. Contact us today for personal advice and design tips.

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