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How do you block the sun from a French door?

While having the sun creeping into your home on a summer morning may seem truly romantic and joyful, the glares may start to lose their appeal as the mornings go on. Sunlight is one of the biggest culprits for a lack of sleep during the summer months as many people find it increasingly difficult to sleep with sunlight glaring into their room.

Additionally, sunlight can be a nuisance for those summer evening movie marathons or working from home days due to the power of the light on screens and glares that may stop you from doing the things you enjoy, that’s why we have designed a collection of French door blinds to help you to control the light and temperature in your home.

How to block the sun out but keep your home bright and airy?

Avoca roller blind in a kitchen
Light filtering roller blinds are a great option for French doors to block out the bright light while maintaining a light and bright home. You no longer have to choose between having a dark and dingy home as with our light filtering blind collection you can decide on the level of brightness you wish for in your home completely. Or, if you’re looking for semi-transparent blinds that don’t completely block out the sunlight when the blind is closed, we have curated an exclusive range of light filtering blinds made from excellent quality fabric, so you can have your favourite French doors and have your privacy and light control too.
Voile and sheer blinds will make the perfect addition to your home decor as their semi-transparent, high-quality material will ensure that you can maintain some privacy in your home.


Sephora roller blind in a living room
Blinds are an excellent option for blocking out the light from French doors, and with their versatile styles and attachments, you can choose the level of light blockage you require. For instance, if you’re looking to reduce the light coming  from your French doors, then blackout blinds may be the perfect option for you, whereas if you wish to keep your home light and airy then a pair of luxury sheer blinds will be the right choice for you.
Blinds remain to be the perfect option for keeping out unwanted light and maintaining privacy throughout your home. With a myriad of blind styles, colours, patterns and textures to choose from, you will be sure to find blinds that complement your home and French doors.


Secret Oasis Botanical Curtain on a french door
Curtains are also an excellent choice for blocking out any unwanted light in the home while adding a stylish furnishing to your bedroom or living room. When choosing the right curtains for you and your home, consider the level of darkness you want them to provide which will be determined by the curtain lining, and then think about the style of curtains you want according to your current room interior style. Curtains can easily be adjusted to bring in more or less light throughout the day, of course closing the curtains fully will almost completely block out the light depending on the curtain style you go for.  Curtains are also great for adding warmth to your room and will complement any colour scheme, so no matter what style your French doors are, we will have the perfect curtain style for you to choose from.
Curtains are also an ideal option for excluding light and drafts from your room, helping to improve energy efficiency in your home with thermal energy saving curtains. Since all of our curtains are designed using high-quality sateen linings, our curtain material will help to protect your furnishings from fading over time and looking older than they may be, ensuring a stylish home and a good night's sleep by your gorgeous French doors.

Blinds and Curtains

Seaspray curtain and roman
If you’re having trouble deciding between blinds and curtains for your French doors, why not go for both! Have ultimate light control and a stylish decor with the inclusion of both blinds and curtains on your French doors for a sophisticated yet practical look. Opting for both curtains and blinds in this case creates the perfect option for any home with French doors looking to block out any unwanted sunlight.
Why not go matching? With fitted and matching blinds and curtains your French doors will go from shabby to chic overnight. Browse our complete collection of curtains and French door blinds today.

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