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Our Top Tips For Making Money From Home

As a nation, we’re always looking for different ways to make a little extra money. In fact, our research revealed that three quarters of people in the UK would be willing to use their home to make money.

We’ve been looking into launching a new scheme that offers homeowners the opportunity to advertise on blinds, an idea that could easily provide an additional income, but there’s lots of other options to consider too.

Tips For Making Money From Home

We’ve looked into the best ways to gain an additional income and have provided our top tips below:

Rent your spare room

If you’ve got a bedroom that you don’t use, why not rent it out and get a lodger? The government has launched its ‘Rent a Room’ scheme which allows you to earn an additional tax-free income from letting out a furnished room in your home.

You don’t even have to rent the room full time either. If you live in a good location, you could rent your room during the week to a commuter but also benefit from the extra space at the weekend.

Rent your garage/parking space

For those in enviable locations who are out at work all day, there are now schemes that allow you to rent your garage or parking space to people who work near your home.

With parking facilities often being expensive and limited in many areas, you could encourage regular commuters to pay less than the average parking fee in the area and allow them to use your driveway or garage as a parking space while they’re at work. 

Sell your stuff

Whether it’s on eBay, Gumtree or even at a good old-fashioned car boot sale, having a clear out and selling any unwanted items is always an easy and quick way to make a bit of extra money.

You could make it an annual event and aim to have a good de-clutter by April every year. It’s a great way to earn money, keep your home tidy and find a little extra storage space!  

Host exchange students

For anyone who doesn’t want a permanent lodger but likes the idea of helping out from time to time, hosting occasional exchange students may just work for you!

You could offer your home as a base for foreign language or exchange students and learn a little more about their culture at the same time! If this sounds like something you’d be interested in getting involved with, why not give your local school, college or university a call and find out more?

Turn your home into a film set

It’s a slightly unusual way of making money, but many people are now offering their homes to film or TV producers.

It may not be a guaranteed way to make money, but it is a possibility - especially if your home is full of character! Film crews can pay a lot of money to use personal homes as film/TV sets.

If you think your home is quirky enough to make the cut, why not find an agency and sign your house up?

If you’ve got any other examples of how you’ve used your home to make money, we’d love to hear about it. You can contact us at [email protected].

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