Autumn / Winter Interior Trends 2020

As the cold months have come in many of us want to bring some warmth into our homes. As we’re all no strangers to staying inside a lot this year, our Autumn / Winter trend guide will inspire you to incorporate some fresh new takes on popular trends this year as well as looking for new ways to adorn and accent your homes.

Blush and Rose Pinks

Blush pink blackout roller blind in a big bathroom

No longer just for millennials, this Autumn / Winter everything is coming up roses.

This colour trend is versatile and whilst it may not be the first colour that you think of when you think of Autumn and Winter, soft, blush and muted pinks bring some warmth to the usual colour schemes for the colder seasons. It works best when paired with grey tones or deep and navy blues and what’s more is it can work as both a statement piece, such as a sofa, or as an accent piece, such as cushions or blinds.

You could opt for Oslo Blackout Rosewood Pink Roller Blind which is warmer and deeper pink, perfect for a little more pop of colour but still soft enough to not overpower the room. Or go for Santiago Cotton Pink Blush Roman Blind, a tried and true favourite that is more muted. Or perhaps you’re looking for a more contemporary take on pink – Fagel Blush Roman Blind which has much more dusky undertones. Or finally Velvet Petal Pink Roman Blind which brings in a pastel tone as well as the must-sought velvet textures perfect for a glamorous and sophisticated living space.


New Neutrals​

Splash blue blackout roller blinds in big living room windows

This season also sees a change in how we view neutrals. When Pantone announced Classic Blue as their colour of the year, we had a feeling our approach to neutrals would also change too. No longer married only to greys we’ve begun to incorporate green based neutrals that pair well with blue tones into our colour schemes.

The best thing about green undertones is that they can be softened up with cream palettes and lighter pinks. If you still want to opt for greys, a green undertone is made cooler by steel and silvery greys. This trend relates to our ongoing interest in ‘nordic’ inspired homewares and a keen sense of simplicity and sustainability as we seek to make our homes an inviting space for rest and mindfulness.

If you want to incorporate these new neutrals in your blinds then we recommend Splash Duck Egg Roller Blind, or Gem Turquoise Roman Blind.


Walnut Woods

Big modern kitchen with dark wood floors and kitchen island

Walnut has been a popular choice for flooring in our home interiors and the warm, rich, inviting tone is this Autumn / Winter’s must-have wood. Luckily here at Swift Direct Blinds we’ve ahead of the game and offers some gorgeous Walnut Real Wooden Blinds. You’ll be sure to catch your guests’ eyes and invite them into your cosy space. It’s also a great wood choice for Autumn and Winter pairing perfectly with Autumn Tones and warmly rounding out the year as you put up Christmas Decorations in classic colours.

Matching your walnut wood furniture to your blinds is a sleek way to tie the room together. We recommend our Amazon Fired Walnut Real Wood Blind or Nile Walnut Real Wood Blind for this look. Or if you don’t want wooden blinds, but want the colour of walnut, we recommend Nobis Softshade Walnut Brown Day and Night Blind.



Cherry Blossom Roller blinds in big bedroom windows

You may have already heard about this year’s hottest trend Japandi – a fusion of Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetic. But don’t worry if you haven’t caught this trend yet because it remains an exciting décor choice for Autumn / Winter.

It’s no surprise the trend remains popular because it combines all of these Autumn / Winter’s on brand colours – calming pale blues, muted green neutrals, and light, soft pinks. That’s not to say it isn’t versatile as many of the accent pieces in this style feature rich textures, bird motifs, and bold stylised Japanese prints set against the Scandinavian minimalist structure furniture and neutrals. 

One way to bring this trend into your home is to combine elegant statement furniture with classic floral, bird, or tree-inspired decorations, stoneware vases, and bamboo accents. To bring this look into your blinds  and create a beautiful statement piece, choose Cherry Blossom Blackout Kimono Blue Roller Blind or Loras Blackout Sonnet Roller Blind.



Lush Jungle Green roller blind in a big living room window

If you’ve been a fan of the gorgeous Luxe trends in the last few years, then this year’s Glamour trend is perfect for you. Whether you’ve already got some luxe in your house that you want to update or you’ve been desperate to bring in key pieces like Art Deco styling, this latest take is perfect for you.

The base for this trend is key pieces in rich tones like royal and classic blue or ruby and burgundy red. The notion is to layer up with warmer tones, wrapping in hints of rose and bronze before you top the whole thing off with gorgeous metallic accents like brushed brass, bold bronze and gold, and burnished copper.

Velvet sofa and a chair with brass coffee table and house plants.

This trend works wonderfully in living rooms and bedrooms, places you want to show off as a statement piece. Velvet is one of the key textures for this look and pairing it with wooden statement sideboards, brass metal trims, and cocktail trolleys will add a lot of character to your space.

With so many ways to weave this style into your room we recommend going for a velvet sofa and framing the room with gold and brass on furniture and lighting. You could weave the metallics into your windows with our Velvet Royal Blue Roman Blind or our Velvet Dusk Pink Roman Blind or go for the super bold and brassy gold metal venetian blinds. If you want a big and bold statement we are obsessed with our Lush Jungle Fever Roller Blind and our Lush Jungle Green Roller Blind (which is pictured above and paired perfectly with pinks and golds).


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