Swift by Name, Swift By Nature - Celebrating 50 Years

Celebrating 50 years and officially Swift

This year is especially important to us. Not only did we celebrate our 50th Birthday as a company, but we also
rebranded and brought Swift back to our brand name. Some think that Swift is just a word we use to describe our quick service, others that it's just the brand name, but in fact - it's both!

Why Swift?

Swift is actually our family name. Swift Blinds was founded by Alan Swift back in 1969 and the business was run from the back of a local post office. We started as a small family-run business and over the last 50 years we have grown into one of the leading blind manufacturers and suppliers in the UK. We’ve been through a journey of making and selling our blinds that’s led us right up to the cutting edge. 

When we started our on-line website, we traded as Direct Blinds. We thought that this was an easier site name for people to find us online. However, with more competitors appearing on the horizont it became harder to stand out from other companies with such a generic name. 

So this year, we thought, if we need a new, more defined brand name, Swift needs to come back. 

Swift by name, Swift by nature

No other name would represent our brand better than Swift Direct Binds. Today we offer the quickest turnaround in the country. Not only do we make blinds and curtains to perfectly fit your windows, but also we can deliver the majority of them within 3-5 working days on a standard delivery, Plus, using our SwiftTrack service, we can make the blinds on the day you order them and deliver them to you the very next day. That's impressive, right? You can learn more about SwiftTrack & how it works here

Quality is our staple

We should also mention that because we sell direct, you don’t just get handmade quality products made by a team of people that have genuine passion and care for their work, you also get incredible value for money.

We use the highest quality fabr​ic and materails drawn from the leading UK suppliers, and double check the quality of all products before shipping them to you. 

We are confident of the quality of our products and we want our customers to be too; that's why we offer a 5-year guarantee on all our blinds and curtains.

So, who are Swift Direct Blinds? 

We’re blind and curtain crafting experts, with 50 years of experience under our belts, all made-to-measure, proudly manufactured in Huddersfield, at the heart of heritage textile country.

Want to know more about our history? Read our timeline.

We hope you found it interesting to learn more about our brand and values. So, next time you buy from us, you know that our products come with 50 years worth of expertise and history. 

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What our customers say
2 days ago
Turin 25mm Pure White
Look good value for money
3 days ago
Deco 50mm Smooth Ice White
Really good blinds are a very good price, what more do you need?
3 days ago
Luna Blackout Cream - Silver Frame
Good product
Jacqueline Powell
4 days ago
Deco 35mm Embossed Ice White
Absolutely great product for the price.
Linda MacRae
4 days ago
Deco 50mm Taped Smooth True White
Great quality and great service prompt delivery and fit perfect
4 days ago
Premier 35mm Smooth Snow White
Great for, quality and look
4 days ago
Deco 50mm Smooth Dove Grey
Excellent quality, price, service and delivery
Customer Dawn Lightfoot
4 days ago
Turin 25mm Dove Grey
Just what we wanted very nice blinds
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