Smart Living: Affordable Devices for a High-tech Home

In the last few years, advanced technology has gradually made its way into the home, giving us easier and more efficient solutions to everyday chores. As these devices become more and more popular, creating a smart home can be achieved without spending out thousands of pounds. Whether you want to check your home security while you’re on holiday, do the hoovering with just a touch of a button or open the blinds without getting out of bed, you can find products on the market that make everyday life a little easier.

From smart lighting solutions to heating control, this list gives you some of the best smart products on the market today.

Smart Hub Blinds

Ideal for those hard-to-reach windows, electronic blinds can be operated at the touch of a button on your phone. Here at Swift Direct Blinds, we’ve combined the latest technology with beautiful design to bring you innovative products that complement your interior. Find electric blinds with on-trend patterns and kid-friendly prints, as well as sleep-enhancing blackout designs. You’ll be able to open the blinds from the comfort of your bed each morning or operate them via voice control when you connect them up with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Learn more about our Smart Hub Blinds here.

Heating control

Gone are the days of having to wait for your heating to kick in on those chilly wintry evenings. With new advancements in heating thermostats, you can now control your home’s temperature without being inside your house. Smart thermostat devices from brands such as Nest and ecobee let you control the temperature remotely from an app or via voice control when paired with Amazon Alexa or Google Home. These types of devices may cost more than conventional thermostats, but they have the potential to save you more money in the long term thanks to their usage tracking and greater control over energy used in the home.



Always forget to turn the lights off? Smart lighting devices help you save energy in your home by allowing you to turn the lights off from your phone wherever you are. Products from brands such as Philips let you connect your light bulbs to your phone or Amazon Echo, so you can control the on-and-off operation, as well as adjusting the brightness. Wake up gently to a sunrise effect with the devices’ clever timing schedules or get settled for sleep by turning the light’s colour to a warm, subdued tone.


You can now hoover your entire floor without lifting a finger thanks to robot vacuum devices. These handy pieces of tech can be paired up with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant to take care of the cleaning at your command. They’re surprisingly efficient at collecting dust, allergens and pollen from your household floor and can run for up to 75 minutes.


Bring Michelin-star quality to your kitchen with clever cooking aids like thermostatic precision cookers. Allowing you to perfect the art of sous vide (cooking meat and fish in a sealed bag that’s submerged in water), these devices slip into your pot and control the water temperature and time, so you don’t have to worry about overcooking your food. By connecting the device to your phone, you can operate the cooker remotely.



Smart home security devices give you complete peace of mind when you’re away from your house. Today’s security cameras are a far cry from the bulky designs of the past; often small and compact, products from brands such as Amazon and Netatmo have been designed so you can place them discretely inside or outside your house. They deliver live video streams to your phone so you can keep track of what’s going on elsewhere in the home, whether you’re out and about or busy watching TV.

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