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Shutters – a worthy buy or just another trend?

You might be asking yourself why do people even think of having shutters if we don’t have a proper summer in the UK? Surprisingly, as well as shutters perform in hot countries like Italy and Spain, they are also very useful in our lovely British climate and weather conditions.

With so many choices of shutters, colours, styles and textures it can be very confusing when it comes to purchasing - after all, they are quite pricy. So, are they worth the investment?

Let us introduce you to the world of shutters and explain some of the confusing terms you might come across.

Trendy or not?

The latest revolution in shutters started back in 2015 and the trend is continuing right into 2017. People are continuing to buy shutters in ever increasing numbers for every window in their home. Trendsetters continually inspire us with their stunning interior designs featuring shutters on their social media and lifestyle magazines.

Back in 2015, The Times stated in its article Plantation shutters are Britain’s window dressing of choice that plantation shutters are the number one choice for Brits and sales are continually growing at a rate of 35%.

Shutters’ purpose and features

Like the majority of other window dressings, shutters are not only great for dressing up your windows, but also have number of other benefits. In the past, shutters were used for safety and protection purposes however, nowadays, people choose shutters for their aesthetic look and interior advantages.

You will be pleased to know that shutters are the perfect choice for your windows year round. In autumn and winter, they prevent heat loss and protect your privacy. In spring and summer, movable slats will allow you to control the amount of light and air coming into a room. Shutters allow you to ventilate your room when it’s hot and dark outside, whilst again providing great privacy. Also, shutters help to prevent pesky insects from entering your home.

To keep your room cool at night but also private and secure, you can keep your shutter panels closed but tilt your louvres. This is especially handy for those who have ground floor windows in their home.

Other advantages of shutters include their durability, classic style and easy maintenance. If cared for correctly shutters can last you a lifetime, and they look great alongside both modern and traditional interiors.

Shutters VS other types of blinds

When it comes to choosing between shutters and blinds, there are a few factors to consider such as price, features and the specific style of the product.

Shutters are more expensive than the majority of other blinds or curtains. However, think of them as a piece of furniture as they will last much longer and they have unique features suitable for every season. Furthermore, shutters provide great privacy, light and air control.

Blinds are less expensive and can be changed easily and more often. We have a huge range of blinds and curtains that may suit your style or needs better than shutters.

Shutters most resemble Venetian style blinds, particularly wooden venetians, which are a cheaper alternative. Both options offer flexibility through the ability to tilt the louvre slats but one contrast is that shutters can have the panels open or closed whereas venetians can be raised and lowered.

Interior design daredevils might be interested in trying a combination of shutters and curtains, which create a chic, modern and cosy look. It serves purely for design purposes because there is no real need to cover shutters with curtains.

Different type of shutters

There are several shutter types available on the market, including tier on tier shutters, shaped shutters, full height shutters, solid shutters, café style shutters and tracked shutters. Confusing, right?

We suggest keeping it simple and will look at the two most popular shutter styles - full height and café style shutters. These are the easiest to measure, fit and maintain with far fewer opportunities for problems in the years to come.

Full Height Shutters

As the name suggests, full height shutters cover the full height of your chosen window. Full height shutters are the ideal choice for rooms where privacy and light control is especially important, for example, a living room, bedroom or rooms near roads.

Café Style Shutters

Café Style Shutters cover only the lower half or part of a window, which is perfect for those who love natural light in the room whilst still wanting the privacy feature of shutters. Café style shutters are great for large windows, as a covered lower half of the window will protect you from onlookers whilst the open upper half lets the daylight in.

Both shutters are easy for you to measure and fit with regular DIY tools and skills. Ordering Swift Direct Blinds made-to-measure shutters means shutters will be made especially for your windows and you don’t have to worry about your window being too narrow, wide or large for standard sized products.

Shutters are suitable for any room in your home

You can use shutters in absolutely any living space in your home. Whether it’s your bedroom, living room, kitchen or conservatory, you will be able to find the perfect shutter type and colour for you.

We would recommend the use of a specialist measure and fit shutter for unusually shaped, bay and other non-standard windows. Whilst obviously more expensive, these window styles are best left to the experts rather than attempting a risky DIY project.

Maintaining shutters

Maintaining shutters is simple and easy. You should treat your shutters as you would any piece of furniture. Use a soft clean cloth for dusting or even the brush tool on your vacuum and avoid using any abrasive cleaners without testing on a hidden section first to prevent colour damage.

You should check fixing screws periodically for rust and to ensure they have become loose.

If you decide to purchase shutters and think you’re ready to order, here are a few things to get you started:

1. Measure your window following our measuring shutters instructions.

2. Decide which type of shutters you want for your living space – full height or café style. Consider the level of privacy and protection you would like to have before deciding.

3. Choose a colour to match your interior. We suggest ordering a FREE sample first to ensure you make the right choice and don’t have any surprises once your shutters arrive.

4. Go to or give us a call at 0370 218 7042 to place your order.

We hope this information has given you a good overview of shutters and cleared up any confusion. At SwiftDirect Blinds, we have over 50 different shutter options, and each will be a great addition to any room in your home. If you’re still confused, can’t decide or have any questions, feel free to give us a call and talk to one of our experts.

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