The Ultimate Guide to Wooden Blinds

Stylish yet sturdy, Wooden Blinds are designed and tailored for daily use. Our range includes a range of shades, stains and colours, providing a timeless finishing touch to your home. What’s more, our wooden blinds are made to measure so will be made to perfectly fit your windows, whatever the shape or size.


Flexible light & privacy control

White faux wood blind in a large bathroom window

So, what are the benefits? Firstly, wooden venetian blinds are great at blocking out light, they work just as well as blackout blinds thanks to their thick material. This makes them a popular choice for bedrooms and living rooms.

If you have a home that has an emphasis on wood, for instance you may have wooden beams or lots of wooden furniture, then venetian wooden blinds are an excellent choice to complement your décor. They also come with a variety of different varnish and stains that will match beams, fireplaces, walls and floors, adding a really stylish feel to the room as well as creating warmth and depth.


Easy To Clean

Close up of white taped wooden blind

Being water resistant, our faux wood blinds work well in high moisture environments such as kitchens or bathrooms. Whether you opt for real or faux, all wooden blinds are easy to clean, you simply need a cloth dampened with water and you’re good to go, no detergent necessary.

From light wood to dark wood, faux wood to real wood - when it comes to style there’s a choice that matches every budget and aesthetic, here’s a handy guide:


Real Wooden Blinds

Dark real wood blind in a dining room window

Our elegant Real Wooden Blinds are available stained or painted and come in a huge range of colours no matter the style of your decor.  Made to measure Wooden Blinds are made from a versatile and unique material, making them a beautiful addition to your living room, dining room or bedroom.


Faux Wooden Blinds

White faux wood blinds in a big kitchen window above a sink

With all the elegance of real wooden blinds slatted blinds, but with increased durability, our Faux Wooden Blinds are made from PVC and are a great option for high moisture environments. This  makes them one of the most popular styles for kitchens and bathrooms. These blinds are as beautiful as the wooden slatted blinds, so no need to compromise style.


Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds

White real wood perfect fit blinds in living room windows

Available in a range of colours, Perfect Fit Wooden Blinds are perfect for UPVC windows and doors. They offer no-screw and no-drill fitting, so they are perfect if you don’t want to drill into your windows or walls. Perfect fit wooden blinds will easily introduce a modern feel within your space and they are especially popular for family areas such as living rooms and dining rooms.


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