Make A Masterpiece of Your Garden With Our 8 Easy Ideas and Hacks

All gardens great and small can be transformed into an inviting sanctuary or cosy social space that you will love to spend time in. Check out these eight easy ideas to help you spruce up your outside space.

Create Zones

Creating zones is fun way to visually enhance your garden, as well as providing practical areas for eating, relaxing, barbecuing or playing. This is particularly helpful if you have an awkward shaped garden, and is a great way to make the most of wherever the sun hits. If you have a forgotten corner of your garden that gets the early morning sun, turn it into a tempting place to enjoy a morning coffee with a bench or bistro set. You can create stylish functional zones with corner seating, decked or paved areas, borders and boundaries using trellises, pots or planters.

Encourage Wildlife

Encouraging wildlife in your garden is not only beneficial for the environment but also gives you something beautiful to look at when spending a quiet moment outside. Many minutes can be whiled away watching butterflies and squirrels and listening to birds and bees. You can encourage wildlife with bee-friendly plants such as lavender and rosemary. And you can hang bird feeders from trees and fences to entice birds whilst adding some charming decoration too.

Mirrors and Ornaments

Give your garden some artistic appeal with garden mirrors and outdoor ornaments. If you have a small, closed in garden, a mirror can help to enhance natural light and make the space feel bigger. Ornaments and water features add stunning decorative and sensory interest. Integrate ornaments in borders so that they merge harmoniously with your plants and shrubs.

Ambient Lighting

Ensure you can still enjoy your garden when the sun goes down by adding some atmospheric lighting. Lanterns at floor level and fairy lights festooned up above will give your space a cosy feel that is so inviting in the evening and great for social gatherings. Lighting at different levels can also help to give height and appeal to a small garden or courtyard. For an even cosier feel on cooler evenings, invest in a chimnea or fire pit.

A Lick of Paint

A lot can be said for a lick of paint to refresh an indoor space, so why not try it outdoors too! There’s no reason why you can’t treat your garden as any other room in your house and add some colour with a bit of paint. Give old garden furniture a new lease of life, or make your shed or summerhouse stand out. Your garden boundary can take up a lot of space in your eye line so a tip to stop it looking so stark is to try a light, fresh colour to brighten it up. You can also decorate with climbing plants, trellises and hanging baskets. Fast-growing climber species such as jasmine, honeysuckle, and ivy can give a boring wall some life.


Comfort is key if you’re going to get more use out of your garden, and by lavishing your outdoor living space in colourful soft furnishings, the space is sure to look chic and stylish and become an extension of your home that you will use on a regular basis. Add depth and texture with coordinated cushions and throws, and accessorise with an outdoor rug as a centrepiece to a cosy seating area. Consider useful storage options too for tucking away your textiles when the weather turns. A storage bench that doubles as seating is a great space saving option for a smaller garden space.

Layers and Levels

Enrich your space with the help of clever layers and levels to bring lush interest and decorative dimension. If you have the space, cut large flower beds so you can stagger the height of your plants. Otherwise if space is limited, then you can plant climbers at the back to give the illusion of depth to your borders. You can also introduce pots of different sizes, heights and finishes for a lived in, eclectic feel.  Trees trimmed in fairy lights will draw the eye upwards and extend the height of your garden. If you prefer a more contemporary feel then you can achieve a similar effect with levels using decking or paving with steps and elevated areas.

Year Round Colour

Consider seasons when creating your perfect garden. There’s no reason why you can’t enjoy your garden all year round, especially if you have a covered area or a conservatory. You still want your garden to look good. So for a bright and colourful garden all year round, seasonal gardening is a must.

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