Comeback of the Curtains Hairstyle

Should Curtains Make a Comeback?

Iconic, stylish, horrendous. Depending on your view you’ve probably used one of these adjectives to describe arguably the most common hairstyle from the ‘90s: curtains. Johnny Depp, David Beckham and Leonardo Di Caprio were three of the hairstyle’s pioneers at the end of the last millennium, while the likes of Chris Hemsworth haadventure time mas been spotted sporting the trend more recently.

Everyone knows someone who either has or had curtains back in the day and has a strong opinion on the fashion choice. As big fans of curtains here at Swift Direct Blinds, though admittedly more the practical window furnishing than the hairstyle, we did some research into whether it should make a comeback in 2018.

Our Survey

We wanted to find out if perceptions of the curtain hairstyle have changed over the past two decades, how popular they really were and whether they should make a comeback or not. In order to find this out we conducted a survey asking participants a few simple questions, such as whether they had curtains when younger, if they knew someone who does/did and what they considered the worst hairstyle to be (from a list of options).

The final section offered images of famous male celebrities with and without curtains and asked respondents to choose which they preferred. This was to provide an insight into how popular curtains would be if they were on trend today.

Pulling it All Together

Sadly, for anyone with a curtain hairstyle at the moment, it looks unlikely to be making a return to popularity too soon as only 26% of respondents said they believe curtains should make a comeback. That suggests that about three-quarters believe the floppy hair look should remain in the ‘90s, along with Mr Blobby, Sony Walkman and Saved By The Bell.

It also appears that plenty of people are happy to forget ever having such a haircut. A massive 88% said they know someone who has or had curtains, yet only 27% admitted to having the hairstyle themselves.

It’s not all bad though, as when tasked with saying which hairstyle was the worst, curtains were respectably named the sixth worst out of a possible 11 options. A mullet was most mentioned as the worst, followed by a rat tail, comb over and over-gelled ponytail. Somewhat surprisingly mohawk was mentioned the least, just less than a swept over fringe and over-gelled quiff.

Celebrity Influence

The findings from deciding whether male celebrities looked better with or without curtains overwhelmingly found that most people prefer them without. A third of participants said they liked Olly Murs better with curtains than without, and that was the highest percentage of the lot. At the other end, a huge 88% said they preferred Harry Styles without curtains, while 79% said the same for Philip Schofield and 76% for Tom Hardy.


Even though he had the style back in the ‘90s, only 30% said they liked David Beckham better with curtains too, though it was still higher than the 27% who thought Jamie Dornan looked good with them.  


Is it Curtains for Curtains?

The curtain hairstyle doesn’t look like it’s stood the test of time. While it’s regularly touted for a comeback and the odd celebrity is seen attempting to revive it, our findings suggest that most people are happy for it to remain a distant memory. Still, it did prove more popular than the man bun which is currently trendy, so never say never!

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