Child Safety Week

This week is all about child safety and raising awareness about how accidents can be prevented. The aim of the campaign run by the Child Accident Prevention Trust is to educate and empower parents, carers, teachers with skills to keep children safe.

Did you know that 

- 80% of accidents to under 5s happen in the home
- 40,000 children* are admitted to hospital as an emergency after an accident at home 
1 in 9 emergency hospital admissions for children* are due to an accident 



Child Safety 

Here at Swift, we understand that children are inquisitive and enjoy playing with pretty much anything they can get their hands on. With that in mind, we know the importance of doing everything possible to ensure our blinds are made completely child safe.

Our Blinds are Child Safe by Design

We have a range of features and safety devices that are included within the design process, the sole aim being to ensure the safety of children.

Our top safety tips for parents

  • Keep childrens beds away from the window. We know this isn’t always possible as space can be at a premium, but wherever possible we recommend keeping beds, cots and climbable furniture away from windows. The temptation to climb up and play amongst a blind would be too much for most children!
  • Knot Cords! Always knot cords rather than loop them- this avoids them forming a natural loop for youngsters to get their heads trapped inside.
  • Turning off electrics before bed It's so easy to leave the washer and dryer on when we're in bed but research shows that this can be a fire hazard, so don't forget to switch off your electrics. 
  • Use all safety devices provided with your blind. Never remove any factory fitted safety devices included with your blinds. Make sure all clip ties & chain tidies are used & securely fitted to the wall. Tie up all those loose cords!
  • Use breakaway options Swift Direct Blinds also offer a range of ‘breakaway’ connections that will disconnect a cord loop if placed under undue pressure! A swinging from a control chain would cause the breakaway to come apart, preventing any risk of accident!
  • Baby gates area great way of keeping children safe in thier space, adding them to the top and bottom of stirs can prevent accidents.


We have a full page of information on the specifics of creating a safe space for your children on the link below! So whether you’re looking to buy new blinds or just want to read up and check you’re as safe as possible with your existing blinds- we definitely recommend a flick through the page. There’s no better time to start your journey of accident prevention!

Take a look here

We encourage everyone to take a look through the great content on the CAPT website. It includes fact sheets, display material & information on registering to get involved with the campaign.

Shop our safe blinds 

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