Choosing Wooden Blinds for your home

Wooden blinds have retained their status as a home decor staple due to their sheer versatility, offering style as well as substance to interior windows. Giving your home a fabulous makeover doesn’t require a complete style overhaul, by just updating your window dressing to quality wooden blinds, you can transform the ambience of a room. But how effective are wooden blinds for light control and can they be installed within moisture-rich environments? Let’s delve into the practicalities of wood blinds for windows in addition to interior design!


Are wooden blinds good for privacy?


The beauty of venetian wooden blinds is that the horizontal slats allow you to partially open your blind while still keeping an intimate atmosphere in rooms. By tilting the slats upwards, you can shield your interiors from overly curious passers-by. Where wooden blinds differ from conventional roller blinds is with these slats you can allow light in while still concealing your room from the streets outside. Create diverse lighting levels by adjusting the slats as you see fit.



Real wood vs faux wood - do they wrap? 


When choosing between materials, consider the benefits of both! Deciding between faux wood and real wood should depend on the space, seeing as different materials are suitable for specific rooms. Natural wooden blinds are resistant to sunlight, so do not warp provided they are in rooms with regular moisture levels. Crafted from durable bass wood, our real wood blinds are built for longevity. A staple for living rooms, offices, and dining rooms, real wooden blinds provide a premium feel. 

Of course faux wood blinds have their strengths; this reliable PVC material is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and rooms with increased humidity. Whereas fabric blinds can fall victim to mildew and real wood warp and crack if frequently damp, faux wood blinds are optimal for rooms with higher moisture. Ensuring bathrooms have waterproof blinds is the way to go for functional, lasting decor!



Do wooden blinds insulate?


While roller and roman blinds are effective insulators, venetian blinds can be slightly less effective due to their slatted design. However, as our blinds are made to measure, they have less gaps and therefore less heat escape. During warmer months, wooden blinds are brilliant for allowing cool air to flow through a room when the slats are open, and creating a comfortable, shady escape from relentlessly stifling heat. Regulating the temperature of a room is easily achieved through opening the slats!



Interior style - are wooden blinds outdated? 


Granted, wooden venetian blinds are a simple concept and haven’t changed a lot over the years, but there’s a seductive timelessness that this sleek aesthetic offers. Whether decorating within a modern or traditional style, wood blinds complement interiors, creating a balanced feel to rooms with a minimal yet poignant finish. For an effortless, refined feel for your rooms, they are a must.

Not only do we have a choice of materials, we aim to offer as much customisation as possible, with a variety of colours and finishes. For classic, rustic character, traditional wood finishes in mid/dark brown shades add an air of sophistication. Or, for fresh and contemporary style, white wooden blinds give that uplifting brightness to a room. 

To tape or not to tape? For a more unique and current look, you can opt for taped wooden blinds, creating a striking contrast to the horizontal slats with vertical strips of fabric.


Are wooden blinds expensive? 


Despite their high quality, our wooden blinds are blissfully affordable, providing a much more budget-friendly alternative to plantation shutters. For custom-size quality wooden blinds, you won’t find a better deal! With the assurance that wooden blinds won’t go out of fashion, and are made from excellent materials, you won’t be shelling out more money to replace these any time soon. Add to that our 5-Year Guarantee and you can sleep easy!

Seek out our wooden blinds page, here, and you can even get a free sample to see for yourself how beautiful our wood blinds are.

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