7 ways to tend to your interior this spring/ summer

Start with a spring clean

Wooden blinds and shutters can get very dusty and can often be forgotten with the weekly chores, but the spring sunshine peeking through only highlights neglected blinds and can make the whole room feel dusty and dirty. A quick spruce up can do wonders to refresh the feel of the entire space. A quick and simple way to give your wooden blinds or shutters a thorough clean is to close the slats and wipe them over with a dry cloth or feather duster. You can also wear cotton gloves then run your fingers along the slats to access every nook and cranny where dust has gathered.

Layered neutrals

Organic, natural colours such as canvas white and buff will be trending this year, and will give your home a sense of serene simplicity that supports a slower paced and more mindful lifestyle. A great way to add depth and interest when using neutrals is to layer different textures and tones. Opt for a fabric roller blind and curtains in two coordinating neutral shades to bring more texture and elegance to the simple colour palette.

Perfect fit blinds are ideal for layering as they clip neatly onto the window frame and won’t interfere with the adjustment of your curtains. Alternatively you can indulge in café style shutters with a pair of floaty sheer curtains to soften the overall effect whilst maintaining a light and airy ambience.

Bold botanical

Botanical prints were very popular in 2018 and are still going strong this year. With so many of us becoming more environmentally conscious, the desire to embrace nature and be surrounded by its lush beauty is growing. Rich and vibrant colours are still very popular too, and large, bold tropical prints combine both the natural world and deep, rich hues. Botanical prints in strong colour palettes provide a lively way to invite the outdoors in.

Floral fusion

There’s nothing that shouts ‘Hello Spring’ more than floral prints, and with clashing patterns being big this year, you can really get creative with your very own collaboration of charming florals. From dainty and delicate to big and bold blooms, floral motifs are forever a charming and joyful addition to an interior, and with a bit of stylish mixing and matching, you can achieve some truly stunning and unique results. A large window space is a great opportunity to incorporate a feature area of floral pattern with a fabric roller blind and make a big impact on a room.


Raw and rustic

Welcoming natural elements into our interior reflects an eco-conscious mindset and brings us closer to the natural world. Raw and unfinished materials, organic textiles, and rustic, hand-crafted items help to echo this earthy yet minimalist look that is a so popular within the Scandinavian design trend. Natural wood shutters and wooden blinds are perfect for teaming with this style and can help to evoke a sense of serene simplicity within our homes.

Retro Revival

Celebrate retro style with mid-century furniture, vintage trinkets and retro prints for an overall look that is far from bygone. You can convey a retro vibe in your home with a statement roller blind featuring a colourful 50s inspired pattern or a large geometric print.


Whether used as an accent or as a central theme within your interior, mustard is a top choice this year, and it is a fantastic option if you’re going for that retro look. This hue is warm and bright and works well as a key colour to uplift soft neutrals such as white, grey and natural tones or to harmonise beautifully with rich jewel colours such as deep greens, blues and reds.

Mustard teamed with rich, jewel tones lends strength to the clean and simple lines of this mid-century styled interior allowing each piece to really pop.

So here they are, 7 S/S 2019 trends you can easily implement to your interior when updating your window dressings. Discover more interior design tips, ideas and inspiration on our blog.

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