7 Best Interior Design Apps

Finding out about the latest interior trends isn’t hard but implementing these can be tricky. Interior Design apps make this task breeze. Easy to use and extremely practical, they will help you to design your new room, choose colours for your furniture and home accessories, moreover make it look stylish, elegant and professional.

Interior Inspiration & Maintenance

  • BrightNest

Staying on top of your home cleaning tasks can be quite a challenge. However, no matter how much you try to avoid them, they still need to be done.

BrightNest will make your home maintenance process easier and more enjoyable. This little helper will remind you when the next important cleaning or DIY task is coming up. It will also provide you with DIY and home organising ideas, cleaning hacks and design inspiration.

This way you can declutter your mind and allow the app to keep track of home projects and cleaning that needs to be done.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

  • Pinterest

It’s not the first time we’re mentioning Pinterest in our blog post, and it’s because we really love using this app and put a lot of effort to post inspiring home interior ideas, tips and latest trends.

Pinterest is excellent for creating mood boards and keeping your inspirational snaps, DIY tips and pictures of items you want to buy. You can create boards for each category, including home accessories, organising tips, fashion outfits etc.

All our pins are linked to existing products, which means when you find a blind or curtain you like in one of our boards, you can buy it by clicking links provided.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

  • Curate

This app will be particularly interesting for artwork fans. Now you can see how your favourite painting will look like on your wall before purchasing or hanging it. The app allows you to browse artwork from the world leading or independent artists and virtually see, scaled correctly, it on your wall.

Capture will save you a lot of time and effort, so give it a try.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

Capturing & Matching Colours

  • Adobe Color CC

Always wanted to style like professional? Even if you aren’t good at matching colours, it shouldn’t stop you from having dynamic and refreshing colour combinations in your house.

We already mentioned about advantages of Adobe Color in our Ultraviolet blog post. Adobe Color allows you to scan selected colour inspiration, save your favourite colour themes, create your own and discover colour palettes designed by professionals.

Adobe Color is excellent for any project involving colour combining, even if you’re putting together a fashion outfit.

We often talk about window dressing layering. Using Adobe Color will help you to choose the best colour combination and create achingly cool and dynamic window looks.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

  • Color Capture

It’s a colour capturing app created by paint producer Benjamin Moore. The app allows you to take a snap of any colour inspiration and match it to more than 3,300 Benjamin Moore’s paint colours.

Color Capture is your Shazam for colours; you can save your favourite colour swatches, share it with your friends or interior design professionals for additional advice. 

The app doesn’t only have to be used for choosing a paint colour. Users get access to the colour codes, which can be used when selecting homewares, clothing etc. 

The app also lets you explore existing colour combinations, which is great when you’re stuck with choosing a perfect colour for your new blind or need some colour inspiration.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

Measuring Tools

  • Magicplan

Many of us know that renovating can be quiet an ongoing project, especially when it comes to homewares purchase. Magicplan allows you to keep all your home measurements in one place and always ready to hand.

You can create and edit your floor plans by taking photos, add objects, make notes and jot down tasks in one place. While all above can sound quite technical, the creators of the app state it is easy to use.

Magicplan is ideal for the industry professionals and DIYers. Whenever you see furniture or home appliances you want to buy, you can check whether it will fit within your home dimensions.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

  • Photo Measures

Now you have the most convenient and straightforward way of keeping measurements of your living space, furniture and home appliances always with you. Simply take photos of your rooms and homewares and jot down all needed dimensions.

Now whenever you’re going for furniture shopping or thinking of buying a wall painting you just saw on sale, you can quickly check whether it’ll fit on your wall. Nice and easy, and more importantly handy.


Available on iOS and Android for free.

So here it is! 7 apps that will change the way you decorate your home. Have you used any of them and already have results you want to show off? Share them with us on social media or via email and remember to gas us using @directblinds.

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