We Made It to 60 Minute Makeover with Peter Andre

It brings such a high sense of satisfaction watching old-fashioned, abandon rooms being transformed into stylish and modern living spaces.

Divert interior designs created in 12th series of 60 Minute Makeover are a proof that your dwelling makeover doesn’t have to turn into a two-year project. Changing just some of your home accessories will give your living space a fresh look and won’t cost you a fortune.

We prepared an overview of our blinds used in the four episodes. Keep reading to learn more interesting details about each blind.

Debbie from Hounslow, Episode 4

Blind: Electric Wooden Blind, from £241.04

Room: Bedroom.

Designer: Linda Barker.

In this episode, Linda Barker used our Electric Wooden Blind for Debbie’s bedroom.

The wooden blind compliments the nature-inspired wallpaper pattern, and despite many dark colours present in Debbie’s bedroom, the overall theme is very refreshing and cool.

What’s so special about the blind? Electric blinds are great for hard to reach windows and for extra convenience. You can open and close your blind using remote control without getting up.

Electric Blinds don’t have any chains or cords, which makes it perfect for an increased child and pet safety and leaves your windowsill space free for more important stuff, like pictures or plants.

If you are looking for a smarter and more sustainable solution, choose the solar panel. It ensures the motor is always charged, and you can fit your blind as high as you want without worrying about changing motor batteries. It’s a dream for large full-length windows!

While Electric blinds are generally more expensive, these are smoother at operating, hence will last you longer.

Tim & Tracy, Episode 8

Blind: Vine and Butterfly Silhouette Roller Blind, from £25.64

Room: Living/dining room.

Designer: Anna Ryder-Richardson.

Comparing to Debbie’s bedroom, Tim and Tracy’s living room is very light and minimalistic. The primary colour used was white with elements of black and grey. For minimalistic interiors like this, our Roller Blind is one of the best and affordable choices. Simple lines of roller blind compliment the minimalistic approach. The nature-inspired butterfly print in light grey colour blends in with the rest of accessories, giving the window a gentle accent.

What’s so special about the blind? Roller blinds are the most popular and versatile blind type. They’re suitable for all rooms, window types and even most doors. From neutral plain blinds to bright designers’ patterns, these blinds will add the desired look to your interior. Also, you can upgrade to a blackout fabric for an increased privacy and light exclusion. Or go for an Electric Roller blind if you have a hard to reach window or desire a more convenient way to operate your blind.

Sereta, Episode 12

Blind: Blackout blue roller blind from £12.34

Room: Boys’ bedroom.

Designer: Anna Ryder-Richardson.

Wow, this room makes your eyes pop out. Bright wallpaper, bright blind. See what we mean when we say Roller blinds are a versatile blind type? Anna used Blackout Blue Roller Blind, which matches wallpaper print and makes the interior look very stylish and collected.

What’s so special about the blind? Roller blinds are easy to fit and maintain. It’s an affordable option, which means you can change colour and pattern when you feel like it.   

This blind is a very common choice for a nursery, a bathroom or a kitchen. If you choose rollers for bedroom or nursery, we suggest always upgrading to blackout fabric. This will ensure Mr Sunshine doesn’t wake up your little one in the morning or during a daytime nap, and it will give you increased privacy.

Paul, Andrea & Kids, Episode 18

Room: Two kids’ and one adult bedrooms.

Designer: John Amabile.

Grey has been on trend for some time now and is still broadly used by many industry professionals and DIY enthusiasts. In this episode, Anna Ryder-Richardson demonstrated how this colour, considered by some as boring, can be used in a variety of room settings and interiors.

Plain grey blinds are great for those who don’t like to draw attention to functional items in the interior.

Blind: Silver Aluminium Venetian blind from £14.96

In this case, Aluminium Venetian blind echoes with metal bedside table and a bed. The room has an achingly cool interior and is perfect for boys’ bedroom. 

What’s so special about the blind? Aluminium Venetian blinds are easy to clean. They give you an increased air, light and privacy control. The blind can be raised to any position using cords and tilted by a control wand or cords dependent upon the slat width chosen. You can even upgrade it to an Electric Venetian blind.

Blind: White Wooden Venetian with Contrast Tapes from £23.70

This room has a more “grown-up” style. Do you notice how all elements replicate each other? John used Wooden Blinds with Contrast Tapes, the blind slats match bed frame and a shelf colour, whereas the tapes match the chair, table and wardrobe.

What’s so special about the blind? We already mentioned the benefits of wooden blinds. Let’s just add that now our Wooden Blinds are available with contrast tapes. Whether you decide to pair your wooden blinds with green, blue or purple tapes – we have it all.

Blind: Grey Blackout Roller blind from £9.98

In Paul and Andrea’s bedroom, John created a more sophisticated and elegant interior. Using grey and purple hues he designed a monochrome colour theme. Our Blackout Roller Blind fits this room perfectly – it doesn’t draw too much attention, hence harmonises with the overall look.

What’s so special about the blind? And here’s another roller blind. If you feel that a single roller blind doesn’t give you enough warmth in winter, you can layer your window with additional curtain. This way you’ll find a unique combination and what’s more, you can match your curtain to a bedding, cushion or other soft cloth surfaces.

Feel inspired by these images?

Good luck with your personal makeover project! All our starring blinds are now on sale, follow the links provided in this blog post or get in touch with our customer service to purchase your favourite blind today.

We’ve been manufacturing and supplying made-to-measure blinds since 1969. All our blinds come with a 3-year warranty, and some are available for the next day delivery. We provide easy-to-follow measuring and fitting guides, and our friendly customer service is always ready to help to choose the perfect-fit blinds, curtains or shutters for your windows.

As always, we’d love to see your creative makeover, so please share the image with your new blind from us on social media and tag us (@directblinds) so we can see it & leave our comment. Also, enter our Love My Blinds competition for a chance to win a £25 Love2Shop voucher.

P.S. Two more 60 Minutes Makeover episodes with our blinds in them didn’t make it to this blog post. But if you saw them on TV and want to find out more details, please follow these links.

Episode 7:

Episode 15:

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