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Looking for interior design inspiration? Scroll through our latest shoppable moodboards and discover an abundance of home ideas and latest trends for your living space. Our shoppable collections are designed not only to inspire you, but also to help you to find perfect blinds, curtains or shutters for your windows at a click of a button. So what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to get inspired and discover what's hot this season.

Be Inspired By The Pantone Colours Of The Year 2021

This year Pantone have announced two shades as their ‘colour of the year’ – PANTONE 17-5104 Ultimate Gray and PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating. 

We love the versatility of these two shades, particularly Ultimate Gray which can act both as an excellent base colour or as an incorporated accent colour in solid furnishings, rugs, feature walls, and accessories. The illuminating yellow shade is perfect for brightening up any room through accent pieces such as vases, pillows, or feature walls. Not only does this tone offer a pop of joyful colour it’s also beneficial for your state of mind as yellow promotes warmth, joy, and positive feelings.

The great things about these two shades is that they also work perfectly together, and our yellow blinds will work perfectly against grey walls and next to grey furniture.


Winter Trends 


As we move into the colder months it’s time to refresh our interiors to bring in comfort, mindfulness, and rich deep tones. This collection draws inspiration from popular winter textures, fabrics, and tones that promote warmth and snugness in the home. For those of you who are looking for some extra heat we recommend our thermal energy saving blinds and curtains, which you can layer up for some extra winter texture, or our pleated ‘honeycomb’ cellular which feature a special design that traps in heat and reduces the cold.

Ranges to look out for on our website: thermal energy saving blinds, thermal energy saving curtains, and cellular ‘honeycomb’ pleated blinds

Natural, Neutral Colours 


This winter, natural neutral shades are hugely popular with tones such as earth browns, olives, taupe, and ivory complementing last seasons grey, pink, and blue tones. These natural neutrals are a perfect base for your room schemes as they blend and adapt to changing lights so be sure to pick soft tones that harmonize across your home.

Ranges to look out for on our website: our brown blinds, or our ivory tones.

Natural Woods and Materials 


Because neutral is the recommended backdrop for winter stylings, natural materials look perfect against them. We recommend use of woods, wicker, cane, stone, and plants as elements of winter décor and as an added bonus these natural elements promote a healthy atmosphere. Using natural materials are also better for the environment as well as our health and well-being. Shop our range of wooden blinds which easily allows you to incorporate natural materials into your window furnishings or incorporate blinds printed with muted trees to complement your other natural textures.

Ranges to look out for on our website: Our full Wooden Blinds collection.



Hygge (pronounced ‘hoo-ga’) is a popular Scandinavian decorating style to may already be familiar with. The principles of Hygge are cosiness and content through your surroundings – not just as a feeling, but as a lifestyle. It is the perfect thing to bring into your house during winter, especially because the colours best suited to hygge are the comforting, calm tones of muted green, taupe, warm beige, and dust blues. All these tones create the perfect hygge atmosphere which will bring warmth and comfort to your home.

Ranges to look out for on our website: our beige blinds, our green blinds, our blue blinds.


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Summer Collection 2020

This collection combines the inspiration drawn from summer fields and landscapes and seasonal colours including oranges, yellows, blues and greens.

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Eco-Friendly Blinds

Browse our collection of Eco Friendly roller blinds made with 100% recycled PET bottles. Our Eco-Friendly blind range was designed to look great in your windows and to make a positive difference for the environment.

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Classic Blue

If you are on the lookout for some versatile colourful blinds for your home, consider Classic Blue blinds. Blue blinds will be a great addition to any interior and they will go well with so many different colours.

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Art Deco

If you want to create an opulent and glamorous atmosphere in your home, our Art Deco blind collection could be your go to option. Read more inside.

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Jewel Tones

If you're thinking of adding some royal colour and texture to your home, get inspired with the our rich jewel collection. 

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Blue & Mustard

Deep, rich blue & yellow is one of the most popular colour combinations and no wonder why. This colour combination will easily adapt to any interior and will add a touch of luxury and sophistication. See some of our popular product for this trend inside.

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Do you like the look of the interiors with bright colours & eclectic patterns? Then Maximal interiors could be your thing – browse our Maximalism collections for some colour inspiration.


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Scandi Neutrals

If you’re looking for a timeliness interior inspiration, take a look at Scandi interiors. Scandi interiors are oozing with neutral colours & nature-inspired textures that will never go out of trend. Browse our collections for some Scandi inspiration.

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Delicate Embroidery

We've collected all of our favourite emboirdered fabrics here.  From delicate sewn leaves on soft cotton to symmetrical patterns. 

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Blush Pink

Blush pink is one of the raising trending shades thats increased in popularity these past years.  We've collated our favourites from delicate powdered florals to luxurious pink plains.

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70s Revival

The 1970s was famous for being the 'me' decade - Full of self-expressionism and self-betterment - This decade is constantly borrowed from year after year by fabric designers.  Bold patterns with rustic oranges and powerful pinks and blues makes our collection something to remember.

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In Bloom

Rich floral tones and patterns inspired by the English countryside make up these inspiring fabrics.  Why not accessorise your window with lucious leafy greens and rich rose shades?  Be inspired with our fabulous floral collection.


Jungle Fever

Borrowing a lot of inspiration from tropical rainforests and lucious sea-swept beaches, these blinds comprise of rich emeralds to dark green tones and leafy green patterns.

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Double-Sided Blinds

Not only do we have wonderful patterned PVC roller and vertical fabrics - to brighten up any room - we also have double sided fabrics which look amazing inside and out!

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