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Which blinds are best for bay windows?

Bay windows allows more light in the property and an enhanced view; however, this also means that our customers crave ways to protect their privacy.  There are two main types of bay windows, the more common angled bay window and the square bay window.  We’ll break down the best blinds for the two types and what needs to be considered when measuring.

Angled Bay Windows

Angled bay windows are the easiest to measure for, as they tend to be unobstructed and the angled nature adds more allowance to work with when compared to square bay windows. 

The more traditional three pane bays are the most popular whilst multi angled bays of 5 or more panes can create a virtual ‘round’ bay effect. Irrespective of the number of panels, the method for measuring is the same.
Some angled bay windows come with sectioned areas – The window panes are separated by plaster columns or wall. For these types, you don’t need to worry about blinds or how much they stick out, simply follow our measuring guide for traditional windows.

Angled bay windows that do not have a separation column, where the blinds will butt up to each other and where the fabric and fixtures will meet, need to be carefully measured to ensure the blinds can fit.  We cover our blind depths/projections in more detail here.

Square Bay Windows

Measuring for square bay windows is a little easier than angled bay windows, but the method is very similar.
For square bay, also known as ‘box’ windows, we highly recommend measuring the largest pane and treating that as the ‘primary’ blind and fitting two smaller blinds around it.  This should look like the illustration below. This will ensure the best glass coverage.

A few things to consider for your both types of bay window:
  • Handles – Do you have any handles that could get in the way of your blind?
  • Furniture and obstructions – Will you be able to reach the blind to open and shut?
  • Special requirements – Have you a colour in mind? Suffer from allergies, or is the room unbearably hot in summer?  All our blinds and curtains can be sampled for free, which we highly recommend!
  • Always measure the drop in several places, including in the corners of square bays as these are often not quite level.
View our extensive guide here for more in-depth information on measuring for bay windows.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds due to their availability to be made in smaller slat sizes like 15mm or 25mm, and overall small profile can be ideal blinds for bay windows.  We would advise to check our measuring guide for exact depths. 
  • Controls – aluminium venetian blinds feature controls on either the left or right side, and sit on the front of the blind, which means that you do not need to worry about where to accommodate controls.
  • Aluminium venetians are brilliant for hot rooms, their curved slats and reflective metal material help reflect UV rays.

Pleated Blinds

Pleated blinds are both light and small in depth, perfect for bay windows or awkward windows or doors.  Specially designed for temperature control, pleated blinds come in a wide array of colours with solar-coated and stunning blackout options. Again, we recommend reading our guide here for specific blind depths.
  • Small in profile, and light in weight, pleated blinds are fantastic for tricky areas like angled bay windows or doors.
  • The blind of choice for rooms that receives a lot of light, like conservatories, pleated blinds are also moisture-resistant – perfect for kitchens or bathrooms!
  • Available in a honeycombed structured design – made specifically for temperature control, by trapping cool air in summer and warm air in winter.

Vertical Blinds

One of the most popular blind types for bay window blinds, vertical blinds can cover wide areas and are available in a wide array of colours, styles and textures.  Favoured for their simplicity and privacy control factors, vertical blinds are the blind of choice for offices and conservatories.
  • Please take care to ensure that the blinds will not overlap in the corners.  View our measuring guide here for more details.
  • Control are best placed further from the window, towards the centre of the room.  So, most customers end up with one left-hand, and two right hand blinds. 
  • You can choose which sides the vanes stack on.  Again, like controls, we recommend left-hand stack for the left, split stack for the middle and for the right window, a right-hand stack. 
  • Available in solar-control and blackout options, vertical blinds can be mix and matched to suit.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are a viable option for bay windows.  With a wide array of fabrics and styles to suit, roller blinds can look fantastic in situ.  There are a few things that need to be considered however:
  • Window Handles - Though our blinds have the fabric roll towards the window pane, to increase insulation and reduce light bleed, this can easily be swapped to bring the fabric forward into the room.  This creates a clearance for handles and decreases the usual gap between the blinds.  Simply email in after placing your order to request a ‘b mount’ finish.  Alternatively, we have a guide here on how to easily swap to one yourself.
  • Gaps – When measuring roller blinds, you might realise that not all the glass can be covered by the fabric.  This can be solved by opting for a ‘b mount’ reverse-rolled blind (see above).  However, this does not guarantee that the corner areas are covered.  If this is an unacceptable compromise – maybe, consider another type of blind.
  • Control sides – Like vertical blinds, we recommend that the controls match the side of the window the blind sits on.  Left hand controls for the left-hand pane etc.
  • For smaller roller blinds, there is an option to have a spring control.  Not only does this increase the blinds child-safe rating, it also means that there are no control chains to fit!
  • Large range of fabrics – Roller blinds come a large range of patterns and textures, with blackout and allergy-reducing options available.  This makes it more likely that you’ll find the fabric you need to tie the room together!


For most houses, especially those built in the Victorian era, bay windows were commonly adorned with plush curtains, in dark colours such as blues or red, on angled poles.  Curtains are still a viable and popular option today, especially due to their thermal properties and the huge areas they can cover. 
  • Layering fabrics increases insulation, and curtains can easily be combined with more modern blinds, for extra privacy and light control, it’s all up to personal taste. 
  • If possible, it is better to get a re-enforced rail that is affixed to the wall, though curtains do look amazing however they can weigh a lot, especially if they cover a wide area.  Though we do not sell curtain rails or poles, these can be cheaply acquired elsewhere. 
  • Curtains are fantastic at softening the overall look of a room, especially if they co-ordinate with the furniture or accessories.

Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds make a great choice for angled bay windows and offer privacy and light control via operation of the slats when the blind is down. With newer, more sustainable options such as flame-retardant faux wood options, wooden blinds continue to soar in popularity. 
  • Slat Size - For angled bay windows, we would recommend you consider your chosen slat width.  Though the most popular slat width of 50mm reduces the amount of light coming through the slats when compared to a smaller slat, this does mean that the headrails are also larger – not always ideal for tricky bay windows! See our guide here for more information.
  • Control options – Cannot be chosen for this type of blind, our wooden blinds are made with raise and lower cord controls sitting on each side of the blind.  This will however, create a more uniformed look when compared to a set of vertical or roller blinds
  • Great insulators – Wooden blinds help reduce noise as well as help reduce energy expenditure, a great option for homes in a busy area.
  • Easy Clean – our faux wooden blinds are wipeable and flame-retardant, perfect for kitchens or busy areas of the home.
  • Tapes – There is an option to have the slat holes hidden by a layer of fabric strips, called blind tapes.  These are a throwback to the traditional venetian blinds from the 1700s, and can create an extra layer of texture and a luxurious finish.

Shutter Blinds

Ideal for bay windows with a separation column, our plantation style shutter blinds are a modern take on the shutters seen in scenic European villages. Our shutters offer optimal light and privacy control through their angled slats or can be opened fully to enjoy the views.  Sitting within a box frame, shutters come in both real wood and faux wood options. 
  • Fitting - Shutters, do not have to be fitted to the top of a recess or wall – Half shutters, called café shutters create a lovely looking screen on the bottom of the window, while still letting natural light spill in.  This is an ideal option for rooms where you aim to keep as much natural light as much as possible, whilst keeping your privacy.
  • If your angled bay window does not have any separation, we would highly recommend hiring a professional to measure and fit your blind.  We only supply individual shutters, for generic windows.  View our measuring guide here for more information on how to measure for shutter blinds.
  • Easy Clean – our faux wood shutters are not only flame-retardant but are easy-clean with wipeable slats.
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