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Which blinds are best for doors?

Doors can be tricky to fit blinds to, and how your fit, the style of door and the style/property requirements of blind can make measuring and fitting your new door blind a bit confusing.  We've made this handy quick guide to run through your options.

Blinds for a uPVC door?

Perfect Fit Roller Blind in a uPVC door
Fitting blinds to your uPVC door (or window) has never been easier.  That are two blind types that fit with a screw-free, drill-free method of fitting, by 'clipping' to your window beading.  These blinds enable you to ensure no damage to the frame, and therefore saving your all-important warranty. 

Perfect Fit © blinds utilise the window beading and small brackets that slip under the beading.  The blind, sat within a frame, is then clipped onto the window.  This smoothly avoids the mess of convention screw-on blinds.  Available in various sub-types like; Roller, Venetian, Pleated and Wooden blinds, Perfect Fit ©  Blinds sit flush to the window, and as such as favoured for their insulating properties and wide variarty of styles!
Neat Fit pleated blinds in a uPVC window
Neat Fit Blinds are available in Venetian or Pleated variants, each with a low profile (25-30mm) and use a 'tensioned' method to slide under the window bead for a tight, accurate fit.  Like Perfect Fit Blinds,  these blinds are screw & drill free, and can be slid on and fitted in under 10 minutes!

Blinds for a large width door?

Various vertical blinds in a door
If a large spanned door is your main concern, Vertical blinds or Panel blinds are a viable option as they are available over 2 metres width, provide ample light control and look great up.

If the 'stack' width of the slats (the amount of room they take up when fully open), is a concern, just send your proposed measurements into us and we can advise the approx. size the blind will take up.


Blinds for a door opening inwards?

Pleated door blinds
Now this can be tricky.  If your door opens inwards you need to work out what room you have to be able to fit the blind to the door.  Measuring like you would a bay window, you need to ensure that the door opens enough to be usable, with a blind that isn't going to be squashed to oblivion*.

*Though if the mood takes that you just need to swing in force, investing in a door stopper will save your blinds (and decorating).

A piece of card is a useful tool, stick to the door, open and take measurements.  The next step is deciding your blind of choice. 

If available blind depth is a stickler, then we reccomend Venetian Blinds (they're durable to swingng around as well), as they can also be fitted with a tie-down clip, to keep in place when the door is moving.  These are available on request with our friendly customer service team!

Pleated blinds are also around the same size as aluminium Venetians, but offer softer look in more styles and properties like blackout or solar-reflecting fabrics.
There are may ways to fit to a door - The door style, and what you have in mind for the usage of the room can determine how and what you decide to fit.  We have collated all this info into different door types, which can be found here:  View door blinds.

If you still aren't sure, please consult our measuring guides, or call our customer service team on 03702187042
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Great colour and manufacture. My only gripe is that the lovely matte finish is only on *one* side...
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Beautiful blinds that were very easy to install. 5 stars!
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Great blind if like us you work shifts and have to sleep throughout the day. We ordered for a...
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