When choosing the right blind for your patio door; the first consideration must be keeping the functionality to the door while ensuring ease of use.

For traditional French windows or doors, some have amble space above or around the door, meaning there is little to no restriction on what blind or curtain you can have.

Large panes of glass are the main source of heat loss in a property. To combat this, thermal-lined curtains are a great way to cover a lot of space and look great as well. In this image you can see our moondust curtain, which effectively runs the span of the door, and provides insulation in winter.

Vertical Blinds

The best blinds you can have for the larger patio doors are the side-stacking type, such as vertical or panel blinds. Each system ensures the blinds can easily glide open and can be stored neatly to the side. Both blinds can either be top fixed to the top of a recess/ceiling or face-fixed onto a wall above.

Panel blinds can cover more space than vertical systems and are a perfect way to cover the larger windows or doors found in modern homes. Panel blinds can even be top fixed and used to separate a big space and used as a functional screen, perfect for dividing open-plan spaces or offices.

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Pleated blinds

If you find that there is not a lot of free space, or window depth is an issue, a blind perfect for this scenario are our thermal pleated blinds. Slim, lightweight and easy to fit, these blinds are perfect for any door or window where saving space is priority.

Honeycomb or cellular pleated blinds are also perfect for temperature control as the honeycomb design ensures that heat is trapped between the pleats, warming in winter and cooling in summer. Nearly all of our pleated blinds are also treated to be suitable for moist conditions, meaning these blinds are also perfect for a humid conservatory, or even a bathroom or kitchen.

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Perfect Fit Blinds

Some houses have modern windows and doors installed made of uPVC. These types of frames, though durable and reduce energy expenditure, usually cannot be drilled into as this would void any warranty.

In this case, we could highly recommend some of our ‘drill-free’, ‘screw-free’ and ‘easy-fit’ ranges, comprising of our perfect fit blinds and neat fit blinds. Using a clip-in frame system that slides underneath the window beading, our perfect fit blinds are easy to measure and install. Both systems are perfect for any window or door with beading to affix the blinds to, due to their slimline design. Our perfect fit framework also comes in several colours, including white and the popular anthracite grey and can comprise of a roller blind, pleated blind or a venetian blind which means there is plenty to choose from to suit the room.

Our neat fit blinds have a similar system, in that they slide under the beading, but come without the framework and would look the same as a normal pleated free-handing blind, or venetian blind, depending on the style you choose.

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