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Features & Benefits

Affordable electric blinds with 1 click control for convenience and comfort
Battery-operated and easily installed, no need for an electrician
The wireless motor hidden inside the head rail means no disruption to décor
Control with remote control, smart phone or pair with a voice assistant for hands free control
Set timers to open and close blinds automatically, to suit your lifestyle and increase security
Delivered direct from our factory to save you money
5-Year warranty on all blinds & curtains
Expertly handmade in the UK
Free samples delivered by first class post

More Information

Electric Blinds FAQ

Answers to common questions about Electric Blinds, charging, battery, noise, programming and assembly.
How often do I need to charge the electric blinds?
Once fully charged, the battery should last 6 - 9 months depending on usage.
How long do electric blinds take to charge?
It takes upto 6 hours to fully charge the battery and a full charge lasts upto 9 months.
Is the charger included with my electric blinds?
Chargers are sold separately and are only designed to charge these motors. They are different to micro USBs.
Is a remote control included with my electric blinds?
Remotes are sold separately and you will need a minimum of one remote to setup your blinds.
Do I need to purchase the Connectivity hub?
The Tahoma connectivity kit is sold separately and will enable you to control your blinds from your smartspeaker, or from your smartphone with the Tahoma app.
Are electric blinds noisy?
Our motors are designed to be as quiet as possible, giving off a gentle hum when operating.
Are electric blinds child and pet safe?
Yes, with no wires or cables these are 100% child & pet safe. Read more.
Can I save on my energy bills with the electric blinds?
Using the smart hub you are able to program the time of day the blinds open and close, helping trap heat in your home during the winter. You can also setup personalised routines to open and close the blinds at set times.
Do you provide programming instructions with the blinds?
Yes, you can access to a comprehensive set up guide here, or download a PDF copy if you wish.
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Electric Splash Refresh
Light Filtering Electric Roller Blind
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From Your Price £59.99 From Your Price £44.99
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