Day and night blinds, also known as zebra blinds, vision blinds and duo blinds, are a style of blind that feature alternating stripes of material. The translucent material and solid material glide between each other to give you an open, partially open or a closed effect. These contrasting stripes can resemble a zebra pattern.

How do they work?

The striped fabric overlaps, which means you can line up the different stripes to your preferred effect. For example, overlapping the solid stripes will cover up the window and darken a room, while alternating the solid and translucent stripes will let some light in and create a lovely light filtering effect without compromising on privacy.

In terms of operation, day and night blinds work similarly to a standard roller blinds. The blinds can be fully raised and lowered by the use of a chain, which is available in standard white plastic or a stylish nickel chain option.

Why choose day and night blinds?

Versatility and convenience, these blinds really are the ‘do-it-all’ option and due to the dual fabrics, you have better light control and privacy options.

The controls are similar to roller blinds, making them immediately familiar, but the major difference is the extra control they offer, giving you that third option between opened and closed. They're perfect for enjoying the daylight without overexposing your window or inviting in too much glare.

Just as capable of providing full window coverage, even blackout coverage for a bedtime blind as long as you choose a blackout option, they can also be rolled up for a full view like any other roller blind. The simple design makes it really quick and easy to switch between these different modes.

This flexibility means that the blinds can work pretty much anywhere in the home, whether that’s your living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. They’re a great choice for a children’s room or nursery - position the stripes for the perfect nap time lighting!

How are they fitted?

Fitting these blinds into your room is simple and can be done inside or outside of your window recess. Using brackets provided they simple screw into the desired position and the blind is clipped into the bracket, it’s very quick and easy.

Alternatively, our Perfect Fit Day & Night blinds can clip directly onto your window frame for a drill free solution. This ease of installation makes perfect fit blinds a great choice for windows of all different kinds, and are a popular choice for bay windows and french doors.

Colours, styles and textures galore

We hope this article has helped your understanding of what a day and night blind is and how they works.

If you're interested in new blinds for your home our day and night blind collection is available in a variety of colours, textures and patterns - from on-trend grey and earthy hessian all the way to vibrant scarlet and ochre. You can also order free samples to try before you buy.

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