We know it can be tricky to find a window treatment that complements your existing decor, so read on for inspiration on how to elevate your home with modern blinds. Made to measure blinds are the way to go, giving windows a neat and contemporary look as they perfectly fit your home. Not only are blinds an affordable option and alternative to traditional curtains, but there’s a variety of on-trend styles and materials for you to choose from!

What types of blinds are modern?

So what sort of style will work its magic for your home? For an understated option, Vertical blinds offer a sleek finish, especially suited to larger windows. Neutrals or monochromatic colour verticals fit beautifully into a minimalist design scheme, transforming your room into a fresh and open space. You can also choose from a range of opacities to optimise or reduce the natural lighting coming into your home.

Another popular choice, Roller blinds are favoured for their versatility and simplistic design. A single piece of material, this gorgeous style is anything but basic. You can make an impactful statement with a splash of solid colour, or opt for an attractive woven finish to balance textures in your interiors.

For a uniform finish, Venetian blinds are a game-changer, with the horizontal slats being ideal for small to average sized windows. A popular choice for conservatory blinds, this sharp design marries perfectly with a clean, fresh aesthetic, and you can choose from different materials depending on the vibe you’re going for! Keep things ultra-modern with tapes to supplement this chic blind.

An alluring up and coming style, Panel blinds provide a more unique look to interior windows. Featuring wider oriental-style venetian panels, this aesthetic is super innovative and about as modern as you can get! These blinds revive interiors with a fresh Japandi look; great for larger windows and patio doors, this stylish blind can also be utilised as a room divider!

Trending blind colours and patterns

The colours and patterns that you choose for your home can really evolve your room design, so it’s important to go with something that elevates the ambience and enhances existing furnishings. Ideally, choosing a colour scheme and finding complementary colours is a good place to start.

If you’re umming and ahhing over colour options, a key interior design trend is biophilic shades - from bold greens to recreate a tropical paradise, to comforting earthy neutrals, and everything in between! For further inspiration, why not take a look at the interior colour trends for 2022?

Or if you’re feeling drawn to patterns, you can add contrast to your room with a simple but striking look. Stripes are an eye-catching choice, and you can even work this style to your advantage with the functional Day and Night blinds - a versatile blind that gives you the option of semi-transparency or blackout.

The kitchen is a fun place to add patterns, like some dazzling flowery/botanical prints. There are so many patterns, be it a luxurious motif, modern florals, or a current twist on 70s patterns, we have it all!

What textures and materials of blinds can I have?

Another fun element of window dressings to play with is textures! With a range of materials for both practical and aesthetic purposes, this component can really help to create harmony within a room.

Fabric blinds are a prevailing choice, and with all new fabric lines on the website, you can experiment with gorgeous weaves to enrich and add depth to your windows, helping to convert your home into a cosy Scandi haven. We recommend varying the fabric between rooms e.g. try blackout blinds to aid a restful sleep in the bedroom, and let the light in with light-filtering blinds in the living room!

Another current yet classic choice is wooden blinds; a cool and clean style, this is great for pairing with existing furniture for a more natural aesthetic. With the choice of white wooden blinds for that fresh shutters look, or natural wood stains to complement contemporary rustic design, wood is such a diverse material to decorate with. If you’re seeking that beautiful wood finish but worry about everyday maintenance, then faux wood may just be the one for you!

Speaking of easy to maintain, PVC blinds are durable and splash friendly! A practical choice for bathrooms and kitchens, style doesn’t have to be sacrificed either. Showcasing some delightful textures and patterns, there’s an assortment of modern waterproof blinds on our site.

Choosing smart contemporary blinds

Of course, modernising the home means functionality too! Our electric blinds change the way that you can operate your house. With a choice of remote control blinds or Smart blinds, (compatible with Alexa/Google Home) you can elect for forward-thinking home design for maximum efficiency. And this is a wonderful decision for hard to reach windows and child-friendly homes!

While choosing a stylish option is a big factor to home improvements, remember that our blinds also come with a variety of practical features too - moisture-resistant, solar control, energy efficient, flame retardant, and more!

Feeling ready to invest in some contemporary blinds for your home? Get browsing, and you can even get free samples to have a deeper delve into our stunning blinds.