Unfortunately, though we pack and ship our blinds as carefully as possible, sometimes our blinds arrive with small issues. One of these are Perfect Fit Roller blinds, which use a cordless sprung control, refusing to stay in place, or if the perfect fit blind has been in place for a few years sometimes the spring needs re-tensioning to ensure sustained usability.


  • Remove top right end cap from the frame
  • Take out the red plug and turn the plastic Allen screw anti-clockwise for a few turns - this should be done with the fabric back in place in the frame
  • This should put tension back on the spring, however if tension does not increase when turning the screw then it could have a faulty unit.
  • If so, simply request a new unit with our customer service team, which we will post out 1st class!

If you are still having issues or simply wish to speak to us, please email us at [email protected] or call at 0370 218 7042