Pets offer love and companionship for many people, and the British public's love of all things fluffy (or scaly), isn't unusual. According to the vet charity PDSA, 50% of us own a pet, with an equal split for dogs and cats.

Generally speaking, though we allow our pets (and small children) to get away with murder, the expected destruction that comes with pet-keeping doesn't have to be super expensive - prevention is cheaper than the cure!

We've created this handy guide to help keep your home looking fantastic (and less chewed).

The Damage

We've looked into the nation's naughtiest pets and as a blind manufacturer, we've certainly heard some...tails.

From enthusiastic German Shephard puppies using their owner's new vertical blinds as a chew toy, to cats climbing their venetian blinds, or a random pet swinging off the cords, we've heard it all.

General Tips for Pet-Proofing

  • Don't obscure views - Most animals are territorial beings, and prefer being able to see outside your home. Where you can, make sure they can see outside, this will reduce their stress. If privacy is still super important to you - opt for keeping your blinds 3/4 of the way down, or opt for blinds that can be tilted - such as vertical, venetian blinds or shutter blinds!

  • Chew toys - Chew toys and activity centres, are your friend. They might cost a bit, however, giving your pet enough stimulation avoids coming home to a trashed house and chewed blinds!

  • Cords & Blind Safety - All of our blinds are made to child-safety standards, with safety precautions taken for the vulnerable in society. This also covers all things furry! As we've especially heard horror stories with vertical blinds, we'd highly recommend that you look at our chainless weight option - This will reduce the likely hood of your pet getting tangled up.

  • Try essential oils - Pets really hate citrus smells. Eucalyptus is also fantastic too! Simply add a few drops into a spray bottle with water, and spray on the area you'd like them to stay away from. Ensure you do a small batch test first to make sure it doesn't stain! This is a great option for treating furniture as well as windowsills!

  • Try a plugin - There are great plug-in sprays on the market, which can help calm your pet. Especially for cats, we'd highly recommend Feliway. Why not give them a go to see if it makes a difference?

  • Avoid leaving dogs alone for too long - Dogs become highly stressed when left alone longer than 4/5 hours, so if you can nip in to see them on a lunch break or if you're able to have them left with a relative all the better. However sometimes, before buying a pet, you need to think about long-term practicalities.

  • See a vet - Pets can sometimes display negative behaviours due to various factors, most commonly it's due to stress. See a vet to see if they can get to the route of your pet's behaviour.

  • Pet/Home insurance - Protect your pet (and home) from accidents with insurance! This is a must for responsible pet owners, and protects your bank balance if little 'Tiddles' damages someone's property.

We've covered a few things here that can be done to help reduce pet-damage. However, the most important thing is to consider the cost before committing to an animal. The best and most-prepared person in the world, might still come home to a disaster because they're pet is in a huff. Things happen, it's up to you to decide if the love and companionship is worth the hit to your bank balance.

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