Roman blinds bring luxury and class to every home but can get dusty and dirty over time, ruining the look. The great news is you can clean your roman blinds at home without having to wash or dry clean them, saving you lots of time and money.

Please have a read of our expert guide, where we offer tips on how to look after and clean your roman blinds to keep them looking as beautiful as the day you bought them.

Vacuuming Roman Blinds

Vacuum your roman blinds directly using the upholstery attachment to get deep into the fibres, do not use the standard floor brush attachment as you could transfer loose dust and dirt to the fabric.

When vacuuming, you can either keep your roman blinds up or take them down, depending on which you find easiest. If taking down, follow the manufacturer's guidelines on how to do so safely.

Pay attention to the edges of the fabric because that's where dust and dirt build up the most. We recommend vacuuming your roman blinds every fortnight to prevent any build-up.

Steam cleaning roman blinds

Keep your roman blinds fresh and neat by steaming them when creases develop. If your iron has a steam setting that goes up to 1400 watts, you can use this in place of a clothing steamer or handheld steamer.

We recommend steam cleaning your roman blinds holding the iron or steamer away from the fabric's surface, starting at the top fold, making your way across and then onto the next fold. If you notice the fabric is getting wet, hold the cleaner further away from the surface.

Removing stains

If your roman blinds have a stubborn stain that vacuuming and steaming couldn't remove, you can take a clean wet cloth and gently dab the stain. You should hopefully see the stain disappear, if not read on.

It's also important to avoid using stain remover or detergent as this could potentially damage the fabric or bleach out the colour, so do take care.

Dry Cleaning Roman Blinds

If there are any stubborn marks on your roman blinds that you were unable to remove at home, we suggest taking your roman blinds to be dry cleaned.

Due to the nature of our high-quality fabrics and the poly/cotton lining, machine washing roman blinds can damage the delicate fabrics and cause dye bleed, so in this case, it's best to have them dry cleaned.

Machine washing roman blinds

We often get asked what's the best way to wash roman blinds. It's essential to check the care label instructions. If they depict your roman blinds are "dry clean only", you should not attempt to use a washing machine to wash them as this could be an expensive mistake. If the care instructions say your roman blinds are fine to machine wash, follow the recommended settings carefully.

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