Keeping Your Home Safe At Christmas

Christmas is, without a doubt, the most Instagrammable season – just think of the festive lights and decorated trees, vibrant Christmas markets, homemade gingerbread houses, the iconic red holiday Starbucks cups, and if we’re lucky, a lovely blanket of snow covering the pavements…

A lucky few of us are also planning a Christmas getaway this year (and getting their cameras ready to spread the Christmas joy on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat). While your posts might get plenty of ‘likes’ you should also make sure your Christmas story has a happy ending by keeping your social media posts secure…

We decided to ask the great British public about their social media habits when on holiday, and whether they worried about posting.

Christmas Getaways

This Christmas, 35% of Brits are expected to be away from home. For those planning a Christmas vacay and leaving valuable items at home, sharing information on social media could jeopardise your home security, and at put your property at risk of crime.

57% consider that their home security could be affected when they share holiday snaps or information on social media. 13% don’t think it has any impact whatsoever.

However, the majority of people still post. These days, it’s second nature to share our whereabouts on our social media posts. 50% of people admitted that they share information on social media when they go on holiday, making our locations are more accessible than ever.

22% of people admitted to sharing photos on holiday, 19% will ‘check in’ to bars and restaurants, and 9% tag themselves at the airport when they are about to jet off.

Protecting Your Home This Christmas

Despite a significant amount of people concerned about the security of their homes over Christmas, our survey revealed that a significant 37% admitted to not taking any precautions when going away over Christmas!

If you don’t want to change your social media habits, there’s always precautions you can take to protect your home whilst you’re away.

From the safety-conscious homeowners, the most popular precaution was a lights-on timer (used by 47% of respondents). People feel safest knowing someone is checking their home, followed closely by knowing that all the doors and windows are locked.

Follow in the footsteps of Mancunian homeowners, 60% of which use a lights-on timer to deter thieves at Christmas time. In Bristol and Sheffield, 26% and 25% respectively, used cameras to keep an eye on their homes and 25% of Dublin residents used shutters or blinds. Similarly, 15% of our respondents used shutters or blinds too, as well as 13% of Londoners.

1 in 10 people always ask someone trusted to keep an eye on their home whilst they’re away. Out of the options available, the majority trust family members the most to check on their homes when away, followed by neighbours, and then friends.

Make sure your home is safe this Christmas by taking some small precautions to deter thieves. You may be inadvertently revealing to the world that you have an empty home when you tag posts and share photos of your getaway on social media – something as simple as shutters could make sure you’re not left out in the cold following your Christmas festivities.

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