Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Have you got perfectly good working head tracks and just need to renew or update the fabric slat louvres only?
Our wide range of fabric styles and colours offer the best choice to ensure your window coverings are in line with the rest of your décor and give you the practicality you require. We have blackout, wipeable and even flame retardant fabrics, for commercial use.


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Why Replacement Vertical Blind Slats?

Our replacement slats are perfect if you are looking to refresh your décor or if you have moved into a new home and want make it your own.

Replacements Slats are popular if you are upgrading your fabric to introduce new performance features. For example an update on your plain fabrics to blackout versions in the bedroom. Read on to find out more about the performance features that are available. Choose between 89mm or 127mm slats.

Where can you fit Replacement Vertical Blind Slats?

As long as you have a vertical blind headrail fitted at the window or door, they will easily slot into place.

We have a large range of colours available, so you are sure to find the hue that matches your current scheme. Take your pick from elegant neutrals and sleek greys to bold prints and vibrant patterns.

What are my options for Replacement Vertical Blind Slats?

Our vertical blind slats are the best choice for individuals wanting to replace damaged slats, ensure their windows are in line with their home décor, or try out colourful and experimental designs. Have a browse through the section – you're sure to find a style that suits.

Vertical blinds are a quick, easy, and economical style,suitable for any room. Durable and effective at keeping out light, they're perfect at ensuring privacy, and will last a long time if treated with care. Replacement Vertical blind slats allow owners of existing blind mechanisms to chop and change their interior style – you could even buy a set for each season!

Our selection of slats come in a wide variety of colours, styles, and materials, from reserved creams, whites and beiges, to exciting and vibrant shades that will add energy to any space. Many of our slats also come in textured materials, great for home owners that prize variety and individuality, and can come fitted with moisture resistance, solar control, thermal energy saving, flame retardation, and blackout features.

Simply count the number of existing slats or hanger truck clips, on your existing track for the quantity required and measure the fabric strip itself accurately from top to bottom for your drop. We recommend removing the weight to get the most accurate measurement. Check your hanger type and order new weights and chains if required, it’s easy. The replacement vanes will simply hang onto your existing track.

Mixing different vertical slats

If you want to make a real statement of your window you could have different coloured slats alternating along with the original blind. This will enable you to create something completely unique for your home.

This mix-and-match method is also popular in offices and workplaces, especially if you are tying in company branding colours within the décor.

Fabrics and Features

Our fabrics have different performance features so you know you will be investing in something that will really work in the space you are fitting the blinds.

Light filtering fabrics offer privacy and glare control, however light still comes through them. As the level of filtering can vary between the fabrics, we would always recommend ordering samples to check the suitability for your space.

These work well in any room where privacy is important but there is no need to completely block out the light.

Voile and sheer fabrics are perfect if you would like to ensure some privacy but still allow the maximum amount of light through and maintain a degree of outward vision.

These are very popular in light, natural hues for living rooms and dining rooms, especially when styled with curtains.

Blackout fabrics block maximum light from coming through and will give you increased privacy. Blackout blinds are perfect for bedrooms, children’s rooms and nurseries or any room where you need to completely prevent light coming in.

Moisture resistant fabrics have been created with kitchens and bathrooms in mind. The fabrics are made so they maintain the colour and finish even in moist conditions.

Moisture resistant vertical blinds are perfect for rooms where you’re likely to splash them with water, for example, kitchens, playrooms, the bathroom or the utility room. Moisture resistant vertical blinds are also easy to keep clean.

PVC waterproof fabrics are not only completely waterproof; they’re also flame retardant and blackout, making them one of the most versatile and practical fabric types.

PVC vertical replacement blinds are one of the easiest blinds to clean as you don’t have to worry about fabric soaking in the water. This makes them particularly well suited to kitchens, bathrooms and they’re also popular in school classrooms.

Thermal energy saving fabrics both save energy and provide insulation. This means they are beneficial all year round, as they prevent heat loss during winter and keep the room cool during the summer months. They’re perfect for living rooms and dining rooms. 

Solar control fabrics absorb or reflect a higher percentage of solar radiation than regular fabrics.  Some of these fabrics will have a silver foil-coloured backing to maximise the amount of solar radiation reflected. These can be a welcome addition to any rooms that get a lot of heat, such as conservatories and sunrooms.


Different vertical blind bottom weights

Weights and chains – these are often offered as a default option for vertical blinds. Weights and chains will prevent excess movement of your blinds, which is useful if you like to keep your windows open.

Chainless weights – as the name suggests, this weight option won’t have any chains at the bottom of your blinds. This is a perfect option if you have kids or mischievous pets in your home. Plus, you don’t have to worry about dust build-up on the chains.

Chainless sealed-in weights – containing a hidden metal weight, the bonded-shut chainless weight option is great for creating a clean, sleek look for your vertical blinds. With no break in the fabric, and with no chains, this finish is great for preventing damage, plus you don’t have to worry about dusting them.
Combine chainless sealed-in weights with a wand control option to make your vertical blind 100% child safe. These are a firm favourite in schools, nurseries, care homes, hospitals and offices.

Where are our Replacement Vertical Blind Slats made?

All our made-to-measure products are made within the UK. Our replacement vertical blind slats are exclusively manufactured in our Huddersfield production area.

Handcrafted by our expert team, we have been making blinds since 1969. With five decades’ experience manufacturing blinds, you can trust that the product you are purchasing is of the highest quality. In fact, we are so confident you’ll love your replacement slats that we offer a free five-year guarantee with all our products.

How to measure and fit Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

How to measure for Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

When measuring for vertical blind slats, we need the shoulder-to-shoulder measurement of the fabric. Take a look at our handy guide, which has more information about measuring for this product.

If you would like to try a hanger against your existing rail before making an order, we are more than happy to send one out in the post. Our customer service team are available over the phone and via our online web chat.

How to fit Replacement Vertical Blind Slats

Before ordering vertical blind slats it’s worth checking the hangers we provide are compatible with your existing headrail.

We offer two hanger types: single hole and double hole. These are the most common types of hanger on the market, but it’s still worth checking before you order. The blinds will then just clip onto the existing rail and you are ready to go.

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