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Thermal Energy-Saving Blinds

Did you know that thanks to thermal energy saving blinds you can reduce your energy bills?

Blinds with the specially treated thermal fabric prevent heat escaping from your home during winter and reflect solar heat during summer keeping your living space cool. Thermal blinds are great all year round, plus, they are inherently blackout – so they will give you the privacy you need.

With a range of colours and blind types to choose from, you can get a blind that will compliment your interior.

Thermal Energy-Saving Roller Blinds

A women sitting in front of a thermal musa roller blind.
Thermal energy saving roller blinds are a great choice for a bedroom. When your blind is closed, it will keep the light away and heat in your home and will allow you to let maximum light in when the blind is up. Plus, you can get creative with designs and patterns by choosing one of our gorgeous designs.

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Thermal Energy-Saving Vertical Blinds

Thermal green vertical blind in a bedroom.
If you want to have flexible light and air control, a vertical thermal blind is one of your go-to options. You can rotate vertical slats to let as much light in as you want but still have some privacy. Or draw a blind across to fully expose the window and let the light in. Thermal Energy Saving vertical blinds will be great for home offices, living room, window or dining area. They are also very popular for big windows and doors.

Thermal Energy-Saving Vertical Blind Slats

Thermal Green and Purple Vertical blind slats in a dining room.
Do you already have a vertical blind that needs refreshing, or you want to add insulating features to it? Simply buy new thermal energy saving vertical replacement slats and attach them to your existing vertical blind headrail to give it a new look.
You can also mix and match different vertical slats to create your unique pattern or colour combination.

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Thermal Energy-Saving Roman Blinds

Thermal Yellow aztec roman blind in a living room.
If you love the look of soft fabric blinds – roman blinds are for you. You can choose to have a thermal lining for your roman blind, which will add body, as well as all, add the thermal features to your blind. The same as roller blinds, a roman blind allows to let maximum light in when it is open and give your privacy when your blind is closed. Plus, you can go wild with designs and colours!

Thermal Energy-Saving Curtains

Thermal Multcoloured leafy cuirtain in a living room
Heavy curtains are often the leading choice for an energy-saving insulator and by heavy curtains, we mean curtains with thermal or interlined lining. The lining gives them nice bulky look, plus will prevent the heat from escaping your home. For additional insulation and light flexibility, combine your blinds with curtains.

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Thermal Energy-Saving Electric Roller Blinds

Avoca electric roller blinds in a kitchen
If you like the idea of operating your blind, using a wand, remote control or even your phone, then electric roller blinds are designed for you. Thermal electric roller blinds give all the properties of thermal blinds plus a convenient way of operating them. You can even connect your Electric roller blinds to your home assistant Amazon Alexa or Google Home to operate them using your voice.

Thermal Energy-Saving Neat Fit Blinds

Thermal Neat Fit Blinds in a dining room
If you do not want to drill into your walls or window frames, neat fit blinds are a great option.
Neat Fit blind tabs slide in between the glass and the rubber gasket, at the bottom and the top of your window glass, holding the blind in place without any screws or brackets.
The neat fit thermal blind fabric has a special coating that keeps the heat in and reflects the solar heat away from your room, helping you to keep the moderate temperature in your living space all year round.

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Thermal Energy-Saving Perfect Fit Blinds

Thermal Perfect Fit Pleated Blinds in a Conservatory.
Another great option for no drill and no screw installation are perfect fit blinds.
These are designed for UPVC windows, the perfect fit blind comes with a frame that simply slots in between rubber gasket and the window glass and a blind is attached to it.
The frame minimises the gaps for light to get in, hence, providing almost pitch-dark ambience in your room when your blind is closed. Plus, it will move with your window or door, which is very convenient for hot summer nights.

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Thermal Energy-Saving Pleated Blinds

Thermal Pleated Blinds in a bedroom.
Thermal pleated blinds will act as an additional thermal layer, which is especially needed for sun-facing windows. Honey-combe pleated blinds will minimise the heat escaping your home in winter and will reflect the solar heat, so it does not get too hot in summer. Thanks to our wide range of pleated fabrics you can easily choose a blind which will compliment your interior.

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How do thermal energy-saving blinds work?

Heavy curtains are often the leading choice for an energy-saving insulator, but they're not your only option – our range of thermal energy saving blinds can help you insulate your windows and moderate the temperature of your home or office all year round. And with a range of colours to choose from, you won't have to sacrifice your ideal style.

Our energy saving blinds feature a high-tech coating that provides extra insulation. This could be a silvered reflective or blackout coating as both add to the thermal properties of the fabric. These thermal fabrics come in a roller, vertical. panel or pleated blind style.

Measuring for your new thermal blinds.


Remember to check our blind measuring instructions, if you need any help measuring up. If you have any queries, or would like to speak to a member of our team, just get in touch and we'll be happy to help

Fitting your new thermal blinds.


To find out more about how to fit thermal blinds, take a look at our fitting guides

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