Skylight Blinds

Our bespoke skylight roof blinds are compatible with the leading skylight window manufacturers including VELUX ®, Keylite, Fakro, Rooflite & Dakstra. Our stunning made-to-measure roof blinds offer incredible value and give huge savings when compared to high street, branded skylight blinds.

Skylight Blinds
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Made to Measure Roof and Skylight Blinds for Keylite, Fakro, VELUX®, Dakstra and Rooflite Windows.

You can rest assured you won’t sacrifice on style or finish when choosing from our skylight roof blind ranges, as all our blinds are hand crafted within the UK to the highest standard.  Your new roof blind will also come with our free five-year guarantee for extra peace of mind.

All our Blinds are Made to Measure, click here for a handy measuring and fitting guide for your window. We’re always a call away in case you’re having trouble too. The use of these high-quality materials gives added peace of mind.

Why Skylight Blinds?

Skylight roof roller blinds provide enhanced light and privacy control and are also an excellent way to improve temperature within your room.  Choose a blackout fabric, which helps prevent the room from getting too warm, or choose extra insulating thermal fabrics for cooler spaces, perfect for keeping a room cosy in the colder months.

Our skylight blinds are a fabulous choice for dressing your skylight windows, as we have a wide range of beautiful fabrics within our collections, with everything from natural cream and soft white shades, through to bold and bright colours that will give a wonderful pop of colour.  We are sure to have just the right blind to match your interior styling.

Where are our skylight blinds made?

Our made to measure skylight roof blinds are lovingly handmade by our skilled craftsmen in our UK-based factories. We’ve been making and selling blinds for 50 years, so you can rest assured you are buying a product made by the experts, that will really stand the test of time.

We only use high-quality materials and components, sourced from leading UK suppliers.  We’re so confident of the quality of our products, that we offer an extended five-year guarantee on all our blinds, meaning you can be confident your new skylight blind will stand the test of time.

Different fabric options for your skylight blind

We have selected our most popular fabrics to feature in the skylight roof blind range. With many beautiful colours and features, it’s easy to find the perfect to compliment your interior design style within your home.  In addition to being an easy way to update your style within your space, our fabrics are also wonderfully practical with a host of different properties making them suitable for different rooms, or requirements.
Grey Skylight Blackout Blinds
  • Blackout fabrics are designed to block light from coming through the fabric and will reduce light streaming into a space.  Blackout fabrics are the go-to fabric for bedrooms, children’s rooms and offices.
  • Light-Filtering fabrics are fabulous for maintaining privacy, whilst providing a good level of glare control.  Light will still come through with these style of fabrics so it’s important you request a sample as the amount of light coming through will vary between fabrics and may affect the suitability for your space.  Light-filtering fabrics, especially patterned fabrics, can look fantastic illuminated by daylight, so are a popular choice for living rooms and kitchens!
Blackout Indigo Skylight Blind
  • Moisture-Resistant fabrics are designed especially for bathroom or kitchens, as the fabrics are designed. To not hold onto any moisture, and as such will better maintain the colour and finish even in moist conditions.  A great choice for bathrooms, kitchens, shower rooms or utility rooms.
  • Thermal Energy-Saving fabrics perform well both at saving energy whilst also providing insulation.  A real all-rounder, Thermal fabrics are specially designed for temperature control, and as such are great for conservatories, bedrooms and living rooms.
Blackout Brown Skylight Blinds in a Bedroom
  • Flame-Retardant fabrics - specially treated and test to British standards, a flame-resistant coating is applied to the fabric and doesn’t affect the look of the blind.  As flame retardancy can often be a legal requirement in public buildings like schools or hospitals, flame -retardant fabrics are a smart option for kitchens.
  • PVC Vinyl Waterproof - Not only are these fabrics completely waterproof, PVC is also flame-retardant and blackout, which makes it one of the most versatile and practical fabric types. Well suited to kitchens, bathrooms and popular in school classrooms.


Finishing touches for your skylight blind.

We know that no two home or office interiors are the same and that’s why within our skylight blind range, we’ve added a few extras that can work as the perfect finishing touches for your space.  As standard, the framework surrounding our skylight blind is a stylish aluminium, you have the option to upgrade to fresh looking white framework though and this is perfect if you’re looking to co ordinate with your window frame. 

For your more difficult to reach skylight windows, you may need some extra assistance to open the blind, we have that covered too.  We can provide a control rod with your skylight blind; this is a fabulous slim extension rod that stretches from 1 metre to 1.9 metres long.  It is completely detachable and can be tidied away when not in use so won’t create clutter in your space.

How to measure for skylight blinds?

Measuring for your new skylight blinds could not be any easier, mainly because there is no actual measuring involved.  Leading window manufacturers have standardised sizing within their own skylight ranges.  This means for this style of window, instead of asking for the measurements of the glass or the window opening, we just need you to provide the code size of your window.  

This can usually be found in a corner of the top of the sash window.   Simply, pull your window down to eye level to view, and your code should be located on the topside.  This method of finding the size code should be the same for VELUX ®, Keylite, Fakro, Rooflite or Dakstra windows.

However, over time, we understand that sometimes it might become more difficult to see the codes on the window, as they may have been removed or worn away, so in cases where you are unable to see the code we have produced a handy conversion chart.

Click here to view our full measuring guide for skylight windows, including the details of our conversion chart.

How to fit my skylight blinds?

Once your skylight roller blind has arrived, you’ll be keen to get it fitted, which is why we have a very useful fitting guide that goes through step by step assembly and fitting the blind. Click here to view our skylight blind fitting guide, and have your new blind in no time!

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