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Are bright lights keeping you up at night and morning glare keeping you from seeing your computer screen? Check out our range of blackout roller blinds that are great for bright bedrooms and these blinds will make a perfect addition to your afternoon office space. Due to the special coating on the back of the fabric, this blackout blind will help to keep any unwanted light out, so is ideal for bedrooms. From thermal energy saving roller blinds, to blackout blinds in the most vibrant colours, we have every roller blind you could ever need for your home. 

Made-to-Measure Blackout Roller Blinds

Our selection of blackout roller blinds are the perfect combination of elegant, to make an attractive window dressing, while remaining practical to block out any unwanted light effectively. Blackout roller blinds can be used anywhere in the home since they look stylish in any window. Many people find blackout roller blinds particularly beneficial in either their bedroom to help them to sleep for longer, and for their new office blinds to block out unwanted light glares on the computer. Our made-to-measure blackout roller blinds also prevent the intrusion of car headlights and street lamps during the darker hours of the day, offering full control over the amount of illumination in the room. Thermal blackout roller blinds can also be an effective way to prevent draughts that deprive large rooms of heat during the cooler months, potentially saving you money on expensive heating bills. Our blinds can be fitted to ensure that they completely cover the window openings to prevent any cooler air from entering the room.
Our bespoke blind service provides made-to-measure blackout roller blinds to fit all window dimensions - large or small. These perfect fit blackout blinds are also available in a wide range of colours, allowing you to fit them in with your existing colour scheme or create a colourful feature in the window space. What's more, they're simple to install, making them an easy and stylish way to take control of the light levels in any room in the home.

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