Purple Blinds

Choose between soft lilac and lavender to rich plum and amethyst shades, our collection of purple blinds will have something to suit any space. Purple is the colour for wisdom, bravey and spirituality. Choose Swift Blinds for stunning, long lasting made to measure blinds and curtains.

Purple Roller Blinds

Patterned purple roller blind in a hallway
Our range of made to measure purple roller blinds come in a choice of colours from deep and majestic to light and floral. Roller blinds are easy to install and their practical style makes them an easy way to add some colour. If you’re looking for a modern statement interior feature, then purple roller blinds will add the ultimate finish for just about any room in the house.

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Purple Vertical Blinds

Purple vertical blinds in a dining room
Bright and vibrant or pretty pastels, purple vertical blinds can add the perfect hues of colour in this practical and easy to install style which lets in plenty of light when you need it. Vertical blinds are a popular choice for their versatility and practicality, by adding a touch of purple gives you a modern finish to this classic look.

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Purple Roman Blinds

Patterned roman blinds in a shed
Get creative with purple roman blinds to make your interior design statement. Opulent dark purples will match shades of cream bringing the room to life, while pretty pastels will offset shades of grey for a modern look. Our handcrafted purple roller blinds come in a range of colours to make your room come together perfectly.

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Purple Electric Roller Blinds

Purple blackout electric roller blind in a bedroom
Contemporary and convenient, purple electric rollers blinds will give you a modern look and way of using blinds. These clever electric roller blinds can be operated at the touch of a wand or completely remote-free if hooked up to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Our range of purple electric roller blinds come in shades from lavender to plum to suit every interior choice.

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A popular choice with interior designers, our purple blinds and curtains envoke creativity and passion. From luxurious royal purples, precious plums to chalky pastels, we stock various shades of purple roller blinds, venetian blinds, vertical blinds, roman blinds, panel blinds and curtains - perfect for a decorating spree!

Traditionally a colour worn by royalty, purple is a shade that has no real gender affiliation, making it a great choice for any room in the home as well as offices, restaurants and bars. Purple is also considered to have energising properties, which could make purple blinds the perfect selection for boardrooms and meeting rooms, as well as playrooms and studies.

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