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Perfect Fit Blinds

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For a simple way to add colour and shade to your home, our Perfect Fit blinds are a quick and easy solution. Available in either a roller, Venetian or pleated style, Perfect Fit blinds have been specifically designed for use in UPVC windows due to their no-screw, no-drill functionality, making them excellent for use in conservatories or Pvc windows and doors throughout your home. Please use our ‘Product Type’ Side Filter to select from our Venetian, Roller or Pleated perfect fit blind options.

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Perfect Fit Blinds

What are Perfect Fit blinds?

We want every blind to be a perfect fit for your windows. That’s why there’s now a new type of window blind that offers a unique solution to give you a flawless finish to your windows and doors. Perfect Fit blinds do exactly what they say they do, offering a match for your windows.

Perfect Fit blinds are designed for use on uPVC double glazed windows and doors. Their unique fitting system means you don’t need to drill or screw into window frames. They simply clip directly onto your windows and doors, so fitting is easy.

The blinds and their integral frame fit up against the glass using a bracket that slides between the frame seal and the glazing; one blind per pane of glass. This fitting system allows your Perfect Fit blinds to move with windows and doors when they are opened and closed.

Why perfect fit blinds?

Perfect Fit blinds are a practical choice. As well as looking great, they have great insulation properties, help to hide any gaps around window edges, and in most cases, you can match your blind frame colour to your windows to create an integral look.

Furthermore, thanks to the Perfect Fit blinds fitting system, you don’t lose any sill space, leaving it free for your window plants, photo frames and other interior accessories.

Where can you fit Perfect Fit blinds?

As well as conservatories, Perfect Fit blinds are ideal for many other uPVC doors and individual window types, in any room. They are suitable for:
  • French doors
  • Patio doors
  • Sliding patio doors
  • Glazed single doors
  • uPVC windows
  • uPVC doors
  • Tilt and turn windows
  • Bay windows
  • Bi-fold doors
You can only fit Perfect Fit blinds into wooden or aluminium-framed windows and doors if they have a rubber seal between the glass and frame.

Different types of Perfect Fit blinds:

The Perfect Fit frame system can be supplied with roller, venetian or pleated blinds. The blinds you choose will depend on the room, as well as the overall look you want to achieve. Here is a brief overview to help you decide:

Perfect fit roller blinds

As with regular roller blinds, Perfect Fit roller blinds are the most versatile of window frame solutions, making them suitable for any room in the house.

This blind will give you a good light and temperature protection, especially if you go for a blackout fabric option.

Perfect fit venetian blinds

If you require more flexible light and privacy control, you might consider Perfect fit venetian blinds. The window shades can be raised to any position using cords and tilted by the control wand.

Unlike a roller or pleated blind, Perfect Fit venetian blinds allow you to let in the maximum amount of light without completely exposing your window, simply by tilting the blind horizontally. You can also control the light very accurately, so when it becomes too bright, just close the blinds to reduce glare and enjoy a cooling shade out of the sun.

Perfect fit pleated blinds

Perfect Fit pleated blinds offer a stylish and contemporary addition to any room in the house, while also providing excellent temperature control. Many Perfect Fit pleated blinds have solar coatings (energy saving fabrics), which make them ideal for heat retention in winter and heat diffusion in summer. These are especially great for conservatories and glass doors, where cold air tends to get through.

As with other window blinds, you can upgrade your Perfect Fit blinds to blackout and thermal fabric.

Blackout Perfect fit blinds

Blackout fabric Perfect Fit blinds are a great option if you want to fit them in rooms where light exclusion is required, for example, bedrooms, nurseries, bathrooms, conservatories or ground floor living areas.

The blackout fabric has a special coating that prevents any light passing through, and the frame, while not sealed, helps to reduce light entering around the edges of the blind, giving enhanced light exclusion and privacy when the blind is down.

Solar control perfect fit blinds

Solar control Perfect Fit blinds are great for heat control. If you have a conservatory that tends to get hot and stuffy in summer and cold in winter, these are a great solution. Solar control blinds reflect a higher percentage of solar radiation than other blinds, which helps to keep your living space nice and cool during summer and will help you retain heat during winter.

Solar control Perfect Fit blinds are also great for any room as these can help you to reduce your energy bill, thanks to their energy saving properties.

How to measure Perfect Fit blinds?

Measuring your window for Perfect Fit blinds is easy. Follow our measuring guide or video.

Fitting Perfect Fit blinds

You don’t need to drill or screw into your window frame to install Perfect Fit blinds, making them ideal for people who want an easy fit solution. It will literally take you longer to unpack your blinds than it will to fit them. To help you fit them into place, follow our guide.

Who makes Perfect Fit blinds?

Here at Swift, we offer over 250 different Perfect Fit blinds manufactured using the Louvolite Perfect Fit system, including roller, pleated and venetian. All our blinds are made-to-measure, meaning they perfectly fit to your windows – no cutting down is required.

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